Universal Laws for Personal and Professional Success

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by Dale Halaway

For some, success comes easy and others it has been difficult. Some have found the success they were looking for and then proceeded to consciously (or unconsciously) sabotage it. The truth is, success is available to us all and we all deserve to have an abundance of it. It can be mastered by those who choose to live their life in alignment with Universal Law – a network of higher ground principles which point the way to a life of harmony, authenticity and simplicity.

When we consciously use these higher ground principles in our life, we can transform and accomplish anything (as long as we are not imposing our will upon others.) For these are the laws that govern our personal and professional success or failure, depending on how we choose to use them. We live in a Universe of Law and Order. These are definite laws that apply to every activity in life… the unseen forces that make or break every individual and or company. An individual is positive or negative, happy or miserable, rich or poor, depending on how effectively they work with the laws of their own nature. These timeless laws are completely impersonal… Universal Law is here for us to use as we choose. The word “Universal” implies they are for everyone… applying to any and every situation in life. These laws are immutable. Whether we are aware of them or not, they operate 100% of the time – all the time – every time. The Law of Cause and Effect is just as real as the Law of Gravity. They include such laws as the Law of Discovery, Law of Manifestation, Law of Transformation, Law of Mental Equivalency, and the Law of Attraction. To better understand what causes success in our life, we will explore two principles in this article: The Law of Cause and Effect & The Law of Reflection. One of the multitude of ways in which the Law of Cause and Effect operates is that the energy we send out through our thoughts, words and deeds (known as cause), eventually returns to us in our everyday life experiences (known as effect). The Law of Reflection teaches us that our outer world (known as effect) is a direct reflection of our inner world (known as cause). We never see the cause; we only see the effect, which loudly affirms the nature of its cause.  If our tendency has been to deal with the effects in our personal or professional life instead of seeking out and correcting the cause… then, the effect will simply repeat itself. It must… it’s Universal Law. Whether our experience is one of reoccurring headaches or a repetitive pattern of high turnover in our business there is a cause – a reason as to why it is happening or it wouldn’t be happening. Every effect has its cause and every cause has its effect. In the case of healing a physical ailment like reoccurring headaches we need to acknowledge that the aching feeling felt in the head is an effect – not a cause. If you want the headaches to go away once and for all, you must identify and deal directly with the cause. Some have come to my seminars with a headache… I will help them to release the thoughts and feelings that were causing their head to hurt and the headache goes away. Our attitude is a reflection of what’s going on within. A business that’s loaded with difficulties and hard times could be the effect of one’s negative thoughts, emotional imbalances, insecurities, lack of direction and goals, or negative control dynamics that are motivated by some inner fear (the cause). These effects are great teachers… for when we operate our lives on higher ground, we recognize pain and dysfunction as a signal that is telling us something isn’t working. Life is our greatest teacher and it teaches us, by cause and effect. Our life consistently mirrors back to us what is going on inside of us… be it positive or negative, this is the Law of Reflection. If we’re working in an organization and we’ve been silently thinking of and resenting the fact we are underpaid — that we are not appreciated — that we deserve more money – greater recognition – we are subconsciously severing our ties with that organization. The individual has set this law in motion and one day will experience the effects, which loudly affirms the nature of its cause and the operating manager/leader eventually says to this individual… “we have to let you go.” Actually, the individual let themselves go by their own repetitive pattern of self-sabotaging thoughts and negative feelings. It’s our dominant thoughts and feelings that influence the quality of our words and actions. This is what Ralph Waldo Emerson meant when he said, “The origin of every action is a thought.” Every so often, we pretend that we were the victim, we had nothing to do with it… it just happened. Success does not happen by accident and neither does failure. Things do not happen, as many people in the past have thought, they come to pass and are a result of conscious or unconscious beliefs, intentions, motivations, choices and habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and speaking. The energy we send out returns to us in the form of our own life experiences. In other words, whatever we habitually think, feel, say or do will eventually return to us in like manner. It’s the Boomerang Principle, “what goes around, does come around.” Wisdom is knowing in advance what the effect will be of a cause. Your thought patterns and feelings live in the inner world of cause and are the seeds for future deeds. The only thing that will move you to a higher place in life is the quality of your thoughts and feelings. Raise the quality and vibration of your thoughts and feelings today and you’ll change your life for the better tomorrow.

When we consciously choose words and deeds that bring happiness and success to others, the fruit of our karma becomes happiness and success. Discipline yourself to think kind thoughts when thinking of others. Thinking kind and positive thoughts causes you to feel better about you and your world. Remember, you are creating your future experiences with your most repetitive “NOW” thoughts. Learning how to release those thoughts you don’t want to have manifest in your day to day reality is the key.

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