We’ve all heard the saying, “What goes around, comes around.” However, the real purpose of Karma is often misinterpreted and/or misunderstood.


Our souls are meant to grow and evolve, which happens when we learn the lessons that are up for us to learn. It can often seem like Karma is meant to punish us, but it’s actually here to teach us and help us transform. We can’t change what we aren’t willing to see, and sometimes we don’t get to the lessons we are to be learning unless we experience them through Karma. Pain can often be our greatest teacher, and the doorway the leads us to real transformation.


In my online course, “Change Your Choices, Change Your Life,” you will discover how each choice we make has a profoundly different outcome we can contemplate before choosing it. Your life can take a significant turn for the better by having the knowledge to help influence those choices!


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