Align Your Life With Your 7 Energy Centers

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You may have heard of chakras, but how much do you really know about them? Do you understand the impact they have not only on your physical body, but also in how you experience your life? Some people dive deeply into learning about the chakras, while others may have briefly heard about them or seen a picture somewhere with different colors cascading down the center of the body. Whether you’re familiar or unfamiliar with the chakras, or as they are referred to in this article, the “energy centers,” they are the core of your life. 

Many who are working with their chakras are missing a key component in creating lasting change with the work they are attempting to do. You see, each one of your energy centers represents a chunk of your personal power. If any of these centers gets jammed, you will become temporarily disconnected from an aspect of your power. Further, if you are not living in an authentic way, the work you attempt to do will feel much like spinning in circles – you’ll have the sense that you are making good time, but in reality you’re getting nowhere. As I take you through these centers and we dive into what each of them means for you and how they directly influence your life experiences, you’ll have a deeper knowledge and a solid foundation to operate from. This will greatly support you in keeping your energy centers open and moving them towards alignment and unified ascension. 

It is important to note that in whatever way you are currently living your life, you are living it from these centers. Everybody does. If you’re living from a jammed-up or constipated center, you’ll know because something in your life will jam up. You’ll feel like you’re blocked or being held back from something. Learning how to decode what’s happening in your world, trace it back to these centers, and then ultimately heal it is priceless knowledge. But you must be willing to get honest with yourself. You must have the courage to look at what isn’t working in your world so that you can heal it. That’s how you begin real, authentic change – the kind of change that alters your life and the way you experience it – the kind of change that heals health problems, restores relationships and empowers you to live an authentic and fulfilled life!

Each of your energy centers, like all energy, is made up of light. When an energy center in your body is healthy, it spins in a circular fashion. It’s bright in its light. If the center is jammed, then you’ll experience dysfunction in some part of your life, or possibly in a part of your body that corresponds with its energy center. As we go through each center, you’re going to make connections to the areas of your life that are and aren’t working. Whatever is going on in your life that you feel might be holding you back from experiencing a greater good – you’ll more than likely get an answer within these seven centers about where it’s coming from. That’s because you’ll discover that one or more of these centers is jammed within you, and you might not even be aware of it. 

Isn’t it exciting to know that you have a road map to the answers for a more fulfilling, peaceful and enlightened existence – and it is imprinted within you? All you need is a deeper understanding of how to read the map…

So, let’s get started!

# 1

The first center is the Grounding Center. This center is responsible for anchoring. It is also referred to as the Root Chakra. When the Grounding Center is open, fluid and healthy, you will feel really anchored and rooted into your life. For example, if you really value your career, then you’ll feel grounded, centered and supported in your career. You will have a sense of knowing that your career is the right place for you. Think of a tree. What’s the purpose of its roots? Yes, it’s the roots that determine how large and strong that tree can ultimately be. In order for the tree to grow, however, it needs to be in the right environment. For example, most trees will not do well in just water. A tree needs soil, and the type of tree will determine the type of soil or environment it specifically needs to anchor into and grow. Just like we too need the right environment – as in the right career or the right relationships with co-workers, family and friends. When we have this in place, we feel grounded in our own lives. As this happens, we naturally start to grow. In other words, without being grounded in our lives, personally or professionally, our growth becomes inhibited. It’s the depth of the roots that determines how much you’ll grow and expand in your life.

When you’re grounded properly, you will feel a safety that is real. You’ll feel rooted. You’ll be able to trust in a higher and greater good working on your behalf – or a higher and greater process at play in your life. You’ll be able to trust in yourself and your own intuitive voice.  Everything that’s important to you comes more alive when you’re well-grounded. We’ve all had at least one person in our lives who when we’re with, or when we hear their voice, can ground us within minutes. It’s because they feel safe in their Grounding Center, which can cause us to feel safe as a result of simply being around them. 

If you’re not well-grounded, you’ll have experiences that are quite the opposite because you haven’t taken the time to anchor yourself properly. You won’t feel as alive. You won’t be in touch with your greater abilities. You won’t feel as connected with your inner, intuitive voice. As a result, you could even become something that you’re not. 

You may find yourself in a relationship, business or career where you are constantly trying to be someone that you’re never going to be. You could end up in a relationship with somebody where you feel like you’re never good enough. You might have a deep-seated safety issue, making it challenging to trust anybody in your life. And you clearly won’t be able to trust yourself. You won’t feel rooted to anything and you most certainly won’t feel anchored. Therefore, it will be nearly impossible for you to be who you were intended to become from the very beginning.

On a scale of 1 to 10; 10 being strong; 1 being not very strong; how grounded do you feel:

  1. In your career? Why did you choose this number? What could you do starting right away to improve this number?
  2. With your friends? Why did you choose this number? What could you do starting right away to improve this number?
  3. With your family? Why did you choose this number? What could you do starting right away to improve this number?
  4. In your relationship? Why did you choose this number? What could you do starting right away to improve this number?

Do a visualization exercise in which you envision yourself as a tree. Take a deep breath. See your feet firmly planted on the ground. Now, imagine roots growing out from the bottom of your feet extending deeply down into the ground anchoring you into the earth. Whenever you realize that you are feeling uncertain, unanchored and unrooted, you can do this exercise to further anchor yourself and help center yourself in your root chakra.

# 2

The second energy center is the Creativity Center. This center is the sacral part of you, also known as the Sacral Chakra. Our creativity is to be seen as something sacred, but you probably know people who just don’t see their creativity that way. Or if they do, they clearly don’t act like their creativity is really sacred to them. 

Consider the act of conceiving and giving birth to a child. Creating life is an act of natural creativity. It’s clearly a second energy center function. In fact, that’s how all of us got here! Two people came together and were willing to activate their second energy center and conceive a child. Perhaps at the point of conception, those two people saw this as a sacred act of creating life. But that may or may not be true. Maybe they were drunk or high as a kite that night and could have cared less. Maybe they were just being reckless. In other words, it was not seen as sacred. If that’s the case, then this center is jammed or is going to jam – it’s just a question of time. 

Needless to say, the Creativity Center rules our sexuality and our expression of it. Some people have a healthy form of expressing their sexuality. Others might be addicted to sex and have an unhealthy sexual expression. An addiction going on within our field of consciousness could contribute to jamming up this creative center as well, resulting in dysfunction.

Another area this center rules is our finances and our relationship with money. Some, for example, have a healthy relationship with their money. As a result, money shows up in a consistent, abundant way for them. On the other hand, those who have an unhealthy relationship with money could generate a lot of money and still find themselves struggling with not having enough, falling behind on their bills, overspending, etc. 

This energy center also rules our ability to feel. This ability often gets suppressed. A lot of people shut down to their feelings and literally don’t feel them because they have a difficult time connecting to their emotions. Therefore, they also have a difficult time connecting to the feelings of somebody outside themselves. If someone’s “inner feeler” is not working properly, then they’ll take their feeler to the negative. They won’t feel well. As a result, they’ll get swallowed up by their own negative feelings or by the negative feelings of somebody else. They’ll get consumed by conversations when somebody does something wrong and all they’ll want to do is talk about it.

The Creativity Center also controls passion. If this energy center is alive and flowing properly, then you’ll have something or someone in your life that you’re very passionate about – and it’s a genuine passion. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll feel really alive and passionate about that relationship. If it’s a career, you’ll be extremely passionate and driven in the career that you genuinely want to pursue. If it’s a role in life such as parenting, you’ll be passionate and invested in being a parent. Whatever it is about, your passion will bring you a feeling of excitement. As a result, you’ll feel vibrantly alive. 

The Creativity Center is also connected to the feminine part of ourselves. When the masculine and feminine are out of balance, this can further jam the Creativity Center. This doesn’t mean that one has to be extremely masculine or feminine, but rather that there is a healthy balance between the two.

When the Creativity Center is wide open, it’s seen as sacred because it’s coming from the sacral within you. There’s a part of you that wants to reside in this sacred chamber, but if one or two of your energy centers is malfunctioning, you’ll have a difficult time getting into this chamber. This is because the only way you get into this chamber is with a part of your Soul. This energy center has to be spinning properly. It has to be in a functional mode and it has to be healthy. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you express your sexuality in a healthy way? Do you hold yourself back from expressing your sexuality? Think of someone who you believe is expressing their sexuality authentically. What do you see with how this person is authentically expressing their sexuality? How could you change in authentically expressing your sexuality?

How would you define your relationship with your finances? In what ways could you improve your relationship with money? 

Does your creativity flow freely? On a scale from 1 – 10; 10 being highly creative; 1 being non-creative; rate your degree of creativity. What are some ways you could unblock and help foster your creativity? 

# 3

The third center is the Identity Center, also referred to as the Solar Plexus Chakra. There’s a tremendous amount of power that sits in your solar plexus, such as your personal power and your willpower. When this center is closed, it results in an abuse and misuse of power. 

Somebody who’s dysfunctional in this center will have a deep-seated control issue and will always have a need to be very controlling. Therefore, they’ll use their power in a way that’s not in their highest and greatest good. They’ll misuse their power from an unhealthy and needy place, desperately trying to control their environment, relationship and/or career. 

This center also rules wisdom. It determines how much wisdom you’re going to gain in the context of a lifetime. If the Identity Center is functional and spinning well, then you’re probably going to gain a lot of wisdom in this lifetime. If this center is plugged, however, good luck with how much wisdom you can ultimately accumulate! It becomes impossible to open yourself up to the wisdom and lessons learned from mistakes if you don’t have a relatively solid connection with your own identity and personal power. 

The Identity Center also rules your willpower. Everybody starts off with a certain amount of will. Over time, if the center closes and becomes dysfunctional, then the will becomes weaker. When this center has been jammed up for years, eventually people can come to the place where they no longer have a will to live anymore – they no longer have a will to be in a relationship anymore – they no longer have a will to pursue their career anymore – and/or they no longer have a will to transform themselves anymore. It’s because their Identity Center has been weakened. 

If willpower is being used properly, this identity center is functional and spinning correctly. More importantly, wisdom can now be gained. The beauty of this is that when it’s all said and done, your Soul wants to become wiser than it currently is. Your Soul wants to evolve and grow. But in order for that to happen, you must have a healthy relationship with it and a good understanding of how to use your willpower for a higher good.

For example, if someone makes decisions to hold themselves back from experiencing their fear, that is a misuse of their power. They’re using their power to literally create a wedge between them and whatever they’re so afraid of. This is different than discernment, which is important for making decisions. But holding yourself back when you are to really be stepping into something, simply because you’re afraid, is not a good use of power. You aren’t going to accumulate wisdom that way. The only way you accumulate wisdom is when you’re correctly using your willpower in concert with your Heart Center, which I refer to as your Connecting Center, this is the next center we’ll explore. You must choose to become courageous as you face, own up to, encounter and step through whatever the experience is that you’ve been so afraid of. 

Any of this can be corrected, but first you need to recognize that this center is malfunctioning. Ask yourself questions such as, “Do I have an issue with using my power properly? Have I abused or misused my power? If so, then when? How am I going to utilize my power today? Do I have a malfunctioning Identity Center?” 

Consider for a moment the power of your will when it comes to addictive behaviors such as overeating, sugary foods, drugs, alcohol or shopping. On a scale of 1 – 10; 10 being really strong; 1 being really weak; give your willpower in these areas a rating. Why did you give yourself these numbers? What could you do to increase these numbers for yourself?

The power of your will when it comes to addictions is just as crucial to your success as is using your power properly in other areas. These are all check points when it comes to manifesting and living the life you were truly meant to live. This can help you greatly now that you know what to ask yourself in order to keep moving forward.

# 4

The fourth center is the Connecting Center. This center is also known as the Heart Chakra.

One of the ways you can tell somebody has disconnected here is that their heart space will have an energetic shield of armor around it. Those who are open in their second center (Creativity Center/Sacral Chakra) and have the ability to feel energy, can literally feel the shield of armor when they hug someone who’s Connecting Center (Heart Chakra) is closed off. 

This is somebody who’s disconnected not only from others, but also from themselves. They live in their head a lot of the time, over-analyzing most everything. They easily get sucked into mental fixation and can become mentally obsessed with things. They can get caught into what’s known as mental looping, where they start spinning, much like a broken record going over and over the same thing in their head. This eventually results in a lack of fulfillment in their life. This is all because they are disconnected in their fourth energy center.  

Someone who has an open and vibrant Connecting Center naturally invites and welcomes in heart-to-heart conversations with a family member, or a friend, associate and/or client. If we are open in this center and find that the energies between us and someone else in our life have become stuck, or perhaps have gone to a more negative place, we will call for a heart-to-heart conversation right away. We won’t let this sit for weeks and weeks. There simply won’t be an issue around stepping into this type of conversation when this center is open and healthy in our lives. And we find ourselves fulfilled by these conversations, as they usually leave us feeling more connected to the other person and feeling even more connected to ourselves. 

The Connecting Center literally rules the physical heart. If someone is always disconnected, meaning they are not really connecting properly at the level of their heart space, their physical heart will manifest the pain of that disconnect over time. This person who disconnects really well can eventually have a heart attack or end up with heart disease. It might take 10 years or more to get there, but that’s where it will land if they stay on the path to shutting this part of themselves down. 

It is important to have an understanding of the connection between the Connecting Center (Heart Chakra) and the Grounding Center (Root Chakra). These two are literally connected, meaning that if there’s a shield of armor in the Connecting Center protecting your heart, then the Grounding Center will also be off. You will be off in both centers because in order to be in your heart, you’ve got to be grounded. If you’re not grounded, the most you can do is go in and out of your heart. This can cause a serious trust and safety issue. 

If you are wondering if this might be you, check in with yourself over the last five hours; How much time have you spent in your head? When was the last time you got fixated? When was the last time you became obsessed? When was the last time you started looping the same set of thoughts over and over again? 

On a scale from 1-10; 10 being greatly fulfilled; 1 being discontent and unfulfilled; ask yourself, “How much of the time am I truly content and fulfilled in my life?” Why did you give yourself this rating? Is there someone in your life that would be beneficial for you to have a Heart-to-Heart conversation with? 

What is something you could do to bring more fulfillment to your life starting right now? And can you make a commitment to do whatever you discovered in this exercise that could bring you more fulfillment?

The answers to each of these questions are all indicators that your Connecting Center might not be functional. If this resonates with you, then make a note of these questions and ask them to yourself every day for the next 7 days. This will help you become conscious of the dynamics within you so that you can begin to make different choices with your thoughts. Then you can start incrementally healing this part of you, opening your heart and leading you to a life with more joy and fulfillment. 

# 5

The fifth center is the Expressive Center. This center regulates the throat, which means it affects the voice and communication. It is also known as the Throat Chakra. When somebody has communication issues with someone they’re in a relationship with; such as one of their kids, a boss, co-worker, friend, romantic partner or even with themselves, this is a direct effect of a dysfunctional Expressive Center. 

Take, for example, someone who is always getting sick in their throat. They’ve often got a cold or sore throat – or maybe not always, but approximately every six weeks on a cycle almost like clock-work, something happens in their throat area. They really should pay attention to this because that’s their physical body working to let them know they have a challenge with their Expressive Center. 

Physical throat issues are an indication that someone is not expressing properly. They might be expressing in a way that often goes combative. Have you ever been around somebody who’s really aggressive and comes at you almost like you’re under attack? That’s somebody who’s got a dysfunctional Expressive Center. In terms of the energy centers, they’ve got issues literally sitting energetically around the throat area of their body. It clearly shows up in how their voice is being used. When we’re using our voice properly, we’re expressing our power from a higher and greater place.

Your words carry incredible power. If the Expressive Center is dysfunctional, then your words will not only be negative, but they can also have a destructive effect on the lives of others. If this power is being misused because you’re not using your voice correctly, there’s going to be a consequence. There’s going to be an unnecessary pain for you and others as a result of the misusing of your voice.

Some people have issues around speaking up. Others don’t speak the truth and live more inauthentically versus living authentically. Others have issues around articulating and communicating with people outside themselves when it’s appropriate to communicate how they’re feeling or what they want. On the flip side, some people project onto others without thinking it through. Ask yourself, is it always appropriate to just blurt out a thought just because you have it? Or might it be more appropriate to gather more information and be with it for a little while before you speak up? 

Is the knowledge you’ve now gained from learning about this center bringing an awareness to your throat area? Check your throat to see if it is tight or tense. Bring your attention to your throat area and give yourself permission to relax into it. Choosing to relax into this area allows you to connect with the tight or tense energy that might have a specific message for you around why the throat area in your body became tight or tense in the first place. You can use this technique to help you release that tense energy, which will loosen up the Expressive Center in order to get it moving again.

Because this energy center governs the throat, it becomes a question of time that if people don’t get a handle on this, then the throat is going to experience some kind of an issue. Think of the last time you had trouble speaking up. How did you feel afterward? What could you do differently the next time you’re in this situation? By learning to speak up correctly, this will free the part of you that is jamming up this center. It may seem frightening at first, but it is one of the most empowering things you will ever do for yourself.

The various things I have mentioned here are all things that someone who has a challenge in the Expressive Center gets to learn. Should they choose to recognize whatever those lessons are and actually learn them, this energy center can become vibrant and radiant. And as it does, they might be pleasantly surprised with what they’re actually able to do as a Soul through the correct use of their voice.

# 6

The sixth energy center is the Knowing Center, also known as the Third Eye Chakra. This center works hand-in-hand with the Creativity Center (Sacral Chakra), which governs the ability to feel. However, people can often confuse their Knowing Center for their Creativity Center because they think that knowing is feeling. Knowing is actually deeper than feeling and resides in a different place within us. People sometimes confuse these two concepts and get themselves snagged. This is because knowing comes through the feeling body and the two centers are deeply connected. So, learning to discern between the two centers is important.  

If, for example, somebody is imbalanced in their Creativity Center, then their Ego will be able to use this dysfunction to bring forth a false knowing. They will feel so strongly about someone or something in their life that they are convinced they know it’s the right situation for them. They will believe this is coming from their Higher Self, when in fact, it’s coming from their Ego. They may not want to see any unpleasant truths about the situation because they’re hooked into it, so it may never even reach the Knowing Center. They may even try to convince others that “God spoke to them,” and they’re completely sure this is right for them. Then they might have a rude awakening 5 months down the road when they begin to learn the painful lesson that God actually wasn’t speaking to them. It was really their Ego using their feelings through the Creativity Center to convince them it was a knowing. 

As a result, they’ll get to learn the so-called “hard way.” And if they put themselves on the line by telling a bunch of people they knew they were seeing it correctly, they’ll now have an added pressure. So they may end up staying in an experience that doesn’t serve them for another year, or even 10 years. And when they’re finally said and done with it, they’ll realize it was a tough road and wish to never have another one of those experiences again. This is because this was a false knowing from the beginning. 

A true knowing does not come from the Ego. A true knowing comes from the Soul. It’s deeper than a feeling. In other words, this is a higher intuition. It’s super refined. It’s like a martial art or fifth-degree black belt. As you ascend to each increasing degree, it becomes more refined within you. As it does, higher intuition can come in the form of an awareness that floods the body with its message. This message is something that you just know. There is no denying it. You’ll know what’s really going on with yourself, or possibly with someone else, and exactly what to do next. For example, this can come when someone that’s close to you is about to die. The cells of your body are flooded with the message that they are near their death. You might even get the exact time of their coming passing. It can literally be that refined. The release of this intuitive knowing energy flows out of the upper center in your physical body. It is a phenomenal energy center that governs how you see things. When this center is really healthy, you’ll see things correctly. Remember, life is perceptual. So, if this center is jammed up, you won’t see things correctly. But there’s a chance you’ll be convinced that you are seeing things correctly. If this center is really healthy, you’ll see things exactly as they are. Part of what you’ll see is the deeper purpose and the perfection in our imperfect ways.

The Knowing Center also rules our imagination. Your imagination is a gift, an ability and a powerful resource.

If you’re going to get good at creating things in your life, you’ve got to get hooked up to your imagination. More importantly, you’ve got to be able to use your imagination in the most productive of ways. People with a dysfunctional sixth energy center do not use their imagination correctly. They constantly imagine something negative or the absolute worst that might happen. They imagine all these nasty, negative and destructive things. They misuse their gift and resource of imagination.

Most of us know how important it is to stay focused. Somebody who’s got a weak Knowing Center might be able to get focused, but cannot sustain it. I’m sure you’ve come across these people. They’re really focused in the moment, but two weeks later they’re somewhere else. When the Knowing Center is healthy, you won’t just give your focus to anyone or anything. You’ll be very discerning with and where you put your attention, focus and imagination.

Can you think of a time when you knew something was going to happen and it did? Can you think of a time when, all of a sudden, you had a sense something had just happened and upon your investigation of it, you learn that it did?

On a scale of 1-10; 10 being highly imaginative; 1 having little imagination; how imaginative are you? Why did you give yourself this number? Whether you gave yourself a low score or high score, a simple exercise you can do to further ignite your imagination is to go outside and lie on the ground. Look up at the clouds and take 5 minutes to see shapes of animals in the clouds. This is a fun practice to do with other people or all by yourself. 

What was your reaction to the thought of lying on the ground and looking up at the clouds? Did this seem ridiculous to you or did it sound like fun? Your reaction to this exercise is also a good gauge on how functional this energy center is. The more you can reinvent what is right before you, the more you can begin to reshape your own reality and bring your jammed energy center back online. Increasing your imagination will aid in other areas as well such as your ability to manifest, meditate and to connect with and raise your inner child.

If you lack focus, it is a good idea to set some small goals for yourself and check back in with yourself on a regular basis. Setting some reminders is a good way to bring yourself back to the awareness of what you are attempting to turn into an effortless routine. Just remember that there’s nothing wrong with helping yourself get into the habit of bringing these dormant thought processes to the conscious present. 

Listening to educational audio programs while driving in your car, exercising or cleaning your house is another way to help open this center. Listening to something that stimulates you and gives you a new way of looking at or thinking about something, can greatly improve your perspective and strengthen the Knowing Center. Every time I teach a class or seminar, I always encourage my students to adopt this habit of listening to audio programs for these reasons.

Your focus, intuition and imagination can be refined with some of these simple, yet powerful exercises and habits. The awareness you gain will take you further towards keeping this powerful center open and moving. 

# 7

The seventh center is the Truth Center. This is where authenticity and honesty come from. This center is also known as the Crown Chakra.

Some people are honest about what happens in their life, no matter what it might be. Even if it’s an ugly truth, they don’t keep it inside. They are honest because they have a healthy seventh energy center. Somebody who’s got an unhealthy energy center will tell lies. They could even become a pathological liar over time because they’ll make up stories designed to make sure their dishonesty never gets found out. This person might even get so deep in hiding the truth that they hide it from themselves and begin to believe their own lies. They’re not living authentically.

The Truth Center is also where we find our light and the light of our “beingness”. If this center starts to malfunction, the light gets cut off. This is the person who, over time, starts to experience their life becoming darker, denser and more depressing. It’s because they’re temporarily cut off from the light. This is a painful consequence of a dysfunctional Truth Center. 

Who you really are, is made up of this light. And who you really are, as in your real self, is found through this energy center. So, if this energy center is malfunctioning, the best you’ll be able to do is intellectualize what your real self might become in this life. If this center is healthy, vibrant and radiant, then you’ve dramatically increased the odds of discovering your real self. This is the center that gives you all access to truth, whether the truth is pleasant or unpleasant. 

So, what happens if someone doesn’t want to see the ugly truth? What happens if they don’t want to see the truths that are going to cause change in their world? When someone is in denial of the truth, this is how the Knowing Center (6th Center/Third Eye Chakra) can shut down. They might not be as honest as they could be and they most certainly won’t be living their life authentically. They’ll shut down the Truth Center because it’s the only way they can survive. This is because when this center is open and fluid, vibrant and radiant, it gives immediate access to truth, twenty-four seven. 

The Truth Center also governs the values of one’s Soul. If this center gets shut down or jammed, then there will be a disconnect from the values that are encoded in the DNA of their Soul. At the very best, all they can do is connect to a false value that’s coming out of the creation of their Ego. And then how do they determine the difference between those two values? They will get tricked by their Ego into believing that it’s their real value, when in fact it’s not. As long as this center is backed up, they’ll be temporarily disconnected from their Soul’s core values. 

When this center opens, our dreams take on a different experience because we’re accessing our truth from inside ourselves. We’ll get answers to questions quickly. They can come through something as simple as a dream during the night. Then the next morning we’ll have the answer – and we’ll know we have the answer because we’ll feel it in our bones. And then as long as our power center is active and healthy, we’ll consciously follow through on that answer. This will bring a positive result right away. In the beginning, when you start doing this, it will blow your mind how simple and easy it can actually be, how good it can work for you and how authentic you will feel.

Speaking of authenticity, I ask you, “Are you living your life authentically?” I encourage you on a day-to-day basis to ask yourself at the close of your day, “Did I live my life in the most authentic of ways today?” Keep in mind, you must first be willing to ask yourself the question in order to open yourself up to receiving the answer. This will give you a better understanding of what’s going on so that you can see whatever you are to be seeing. After all, only then can you actually start making the corrections. 

Think of the last time you told a lie. Did you justify the lie with a reason it needed to be told? How did you feel afterward? What would the outcome have been if you’d told the truth? And now think of the last time you considered telling a lie, but chose to tell the truth instead. How did that make you feel? You likely felt a sense of power after making the choice to be truthful. This is because each lie weakens our personal power and each truth strengthens it. Making a conscious choice to always tell the truth may seem inconsequential, but it is one of the most empowering things you will ever do for yourself. And if you are living your life in a way that lies are no longer necessary, you are moving towards your true power and a life of authenticity.

Remember, everything is energy. So, when a center is functioning properly, that part of your body also functions properly. If that center is dysfunctional, then that part of your body will start to show itself to you. It might not happen right away. It could take a couple of months or might even take years, but it will reveal itself. 

Everybody has these 7 energy centers within them – and with an understanding of them, they can keep these centers open and functioning optimally. When you really understand the purpose of these centers and how they are able to communicate with you, you’ll see the perfection. You’ll want to stay connected with this internal road map, which will lead you to peace, harmony and enlightenment. This system has been designed for us to succeed in life – to be enriched on all levels and aspects of our lives, both personally and professionally – and ultimately for all of us to be living our lives authentically.

– Dale Halaway


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Dale Halaway has been influencing the lives and careers of thousands for almost forty years. Dale is one of the World’s leading authorities on personal and business transformation, entrepreneurial success and real leadership development. He is an international speaker, master teacher, success coach, strategic advisor and transformational authority. Dale is a leader in the movement for awakening and change, and is the author of a new guidebook for lasting change, entitled “Being Called to Change”, which has become a #1 best seller on Amazon.


DALE HALAWAY is a Master Transformational Teacher and Best-Selling Author. He has devoted his life’s work to serving other and to help them grow into their full potential.

In his early years, Dale was quite the entrepreneur, setting records in sales that are still unmatched to this day. He went on to specialize in business coaching and strategic planning for entrepreneurs, small businesses and large corporations such as FedEx and AT&T just to name a few. Dale then went into the private sector, conducting intensive private coaching sessions for individuals, influencers and high-profile clients. He brought his four decades of vast knowledge forward and has now opened his practice up to the public sector.

His expertise as a relationship expert, crisis counselor, and strategic advisor have made him on of the top advisors regarding what is playing out in the world’s stage at this time. Dale’s calm demeanor and expertise as a counselor and master life coach make him one of the emerging leaders in calming the fears that are mounting in the world right now.

Many are amazed by Dale’s ability to shift the energy of those in his field and to get them re-centered and re-aligned. He has mastered many techniques for this ability and has crafted them into a univesity of knowledge that is available to anyone and everyone.