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Clearing the way for the Best Version of You

What brings you here today?  If you have been directed to or have stumbled upon this page, then you are likely on a journey inward toward your true self and toward your greatest purpose in life. Dale Halaway is here to help you not only discover who you are meant to be and what you are meant to be doing but to also help you achieve it. Clear and attainable real-life results can be found throughout this site. Watch the testimonials below to see and hear what Dale has done for others and what he can do for you. Dale has developed strong and proven strategies and teachings for business coachingkeynote speaking, and private intensives, in addition to offering a variety of themed seminars from money mastery and entrepreneurialism to relationships. Business or Personal, you are in the right place!


Dale has been taking corporations and small businesses to their next level with strategic planning sessions and business coaching custom tailored just for them. His successful work with some of the top companies across the globe can also be yours…


Whether you’re on a path of internal healing or you’re looking to up-level your life and gain direction toward your true purpose, Dale Halaway has a variety of ongoing seminars that will help you move forward with clarity and a renewed understanding of your purpose on this planet.

Being Called to Change

How to let go of all that is no longer serving you and grow into your full potential

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Current Seminar Series

Coaching School For Family & Friends: LIVE July 25th in Santa Barbara!

If you’re ready to take your transformation to a new level and want to delve into the TransCovery Process® in a deeper and more powerful way… This is your opportunity to do so. You’ll love this 5 day experience!

Testimonial Collection

This testimonial collection highlights some of the profound real-life results people and businesses have experienced by working with and learning the teachings of Dale Halaway.

There are many teachers out there now for you to choose from. Regardless of the path you are on and the work you are currently doing, Dale’s simple system can enhance the other work you are doing and help you attain visible results that will change your life.

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