Money Making Formula Revealed: The Money Triad

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There are three points to making money successfully. They form what I call the Money Triad, which has three key elements to it. If you think of a triangle, there are three points that connect it. These three crucial points become a powerful force field. If you were to apply pressure to the top left side, top right side, or below and above them, this triangle could withstand the pressure of anything placed upon it. But if you were to break a point and then try to apply pressure, it would collapse, and would do so rather quickly. The Money Triad has three very specific essentials when it comes to creating money in our world. I will break down each point in detail over these next three blog posts.

In order to get the bottom left point of the triangle in place, we need to EARN money. Earning money is probably one of the greatest gifts we’ll ever be given to learn. Everything in this first point’s category is based on income level or income skill. In the marketplace, you get paid for your skills. This is how our economy has been designed. When you have a skill, you can take your skill level into the market and exchange it for money.

Take being an actor, for example. Once you hone your skill, you can take it to Hollywood or another major market; acting in films, sitcoms or doing commercials and infomercials. Now let’s look at being a doctor. Some of my dearest friends are doctors, one in particular is the top doctor in his city. He’s developed his reputation over many years. To become a doctor, he had to go to school for quite a number of years to earn a degree and be able to start his own practice. He only had a few patients, but knew immediately that he wanted to grow his practice. He recognized that he wanted to become one of the better doctors in his area and to become highly skilled in his profession. He decided to bring education into his lifestyle, and he started taking a percentage of the income he made, driving it back into the development and act of becoming a more skilled doctor. 20 some years later, he is now considered one of the best doctors in a city of over two million people. He has other doctors in his practice under his wing, does well financially and has learned how to earn his way. What’s interesting about this strategy is that there are so many others that are not willing to do this. They refuse to put any effort into earning their way, they resist this process like the plague.

This brings me to my next point, which is a problem that is brewing in our society with our younger generations. Somehow, some way, many younger people weren’t given the information that they needed to earn their way. Rather, they got the message that it would all be given to them. We have a lot of top leaders in the country that are now very concerned with this. There are panels and discussions referring to the fact that it’s not an individual family that instilled this belief, but that it’s become a belief of the general young populace. These panels express concern about what’s going to happen ten years down the road. There are many 20 years old that don’t have any skills, and even if they do have some skills, many don’t want to go out and do anything with them, or earn anything, because they expect things to be given to them.


Whereas in the era that some of us grew up in, you had to earn your way. You earned your way or you died. Yet today we have people waiting for the next check to come from the lottery, inheritance, the IRS, or wherever this windfall might appear from. They don’t want to go out and earn it, they want to be given it. I’m making a big deal out of this because it’s becoming a huge problem for our society. It’s something we want to correct.

If we want to correct this problem, we have to look at ourselves. Where are we at within contributing to this problem? Where are we at with our own lives when it comes to earning? Do we earn our way or are we given our way? Do we have someone to always bail us out? The over protective parent is always there to bail us out. The over protecting parent will always bail their child out, never letting them have the consequence. Then 10 years down the road, they find that they have contributed to the crippling of their inner child energetically and to their ability to financially support themselves. You also see this in relationships where a woman will work her ever-loving tail off, because she has a great work ethic. And she’s there taking care of her man, not because he’s taking care of the children, but because he doesn’t want to work. Why should he? He’s being taken care of, and she’s taking care of the kids too. She’s taking care of everyone. Eventually, later on, resentment builds. Because the woman eventually sees the imbalance, knows it’s out of whack, and begins to feel taken advantage of. This can always be in reverse as well, where the man is taking care of the woman and the children. All of this because one person wants to earn it, and the other wants a free ride from it all.

In the Universe, there is no such thing as a free ride; it doesn’t exist, it’s an illusion. Every once in a while, a person who is engaged in excessive taking from others, sometimes shows up in one of my classes. At a certain point, they will break down to tears, realizing that they have been taking advantage of someone all because they didn’t want to go out and earn their own way or perhaps they had never learned the value in earning their own way. I’m a huge cheerleader for, and will continue to be a cheerleader for teaching people how to earn their way, instead of being given their way. To be given our way can eventually kill us. Being empowered in how to earn our way connects us to our true value and worth. When we understand what it’s like to earn our way, it helps us feel more appreciation for what it is we’ve earned thus feeling better about ourselves.

To access this Money Triad, is to learn how to EARN money, and to become good at earning money. You can then eventually become so skilled at earning money that it becomes second nature to be able to earn 80k, 120k, 200k or even 300k. It’s skills you are developing, skills with the intent being,” I’m going to earn my way and take my skills out in to the world, into the community and make a difference.”

In my business training sessions, I will sometimes see where an employee wants a free ride: they are getting paid x, they know they make x, and yet they’re not pouring out, they’re holding back. They feel they are set up and secure, so an energy evokes from them like, “Why should I bother?” They are not giving of themselves and they have a judgment internally of “I don’t like this place.” They don’t realize that they are setting themselves up for failure. Do you have any idea what you do to your own money flow with this person’s type of attitude? What would happen if you opened up? Your income could increase by 20, 30, or even 40 percent. You then bring more value to the organization, and by doing that you’re going to be rewarded financially. Because the value you bring helps the organization grow and produce more, your boss or entrepreneur will spot and watch you. They may throw an innuendo your way, letting you know that they’re rooting for you.

Not everyone has to be an entrepreneur in order to make money. What would our world be like if 8 billion people were entrepreneurs? It wouldn’t work. Because your soul is unique, not every soul is the entrepreneur, even though many feel they are. Like the Vice President that thinks they should be President, yet they’re not even doing a good job at being Vice President. They’re not increasing their value. Therefore, they aren’t earning and their money flow becomes blocked. They might make the same money, maybe with a bit of an increase, year after year. But when they learn how to work the Money Triad, they can substantially increase their value because they continue to increase their skill level. And the next thing they know they’re making 58k instead of 40k or 72k over 58k. If they keep working with the Money Triad, a few years down the road they could be making well over 100k. How cool is that? Everyone can be doing this. Though not everyone is designed to be the entrepreneur, everyone could be making quite a decent amount of money, and more specifically, the amount of money that produces a healthy lifestyle for them and their family. Everybody could do that, and we’d have a much different and better world.

In a future post I will delve deeper into the second and third points of the Money Triad. You can also check back in March 2018 for my full audio program on Money Mastery.

In the meantime, be thinking about what you can do to increase your skill level and your value in earning money. Then you will be able to secure for yourself the first point of the Money Triad.

-Dale Halaway

This excerpt was taken from the Money Mastery seminar, available March 2018 in audio format.

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