Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose

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by Dale Halaway

For those who have chosen to live an enlightened life, connecting with their higher selves can at times be challenging. To be in alignment with their higher self means being in alignment with their soul’s purpose. There are so many who are struggling to find what it is they are to be doing with their lives, wandering from job to job or starting up business after business. Some will continue to struggle to keep a business or career going long after they have been shown that it is no longer working. Even though it may be a noble and serving business or career, the universe is trying to show them it isn’t in alignment with what they are truly to be doing anymore. 

There are three specific things that can block someone from realizing their soul’s purpose. 

The first thing is negativity. As humans, we hold on to negative energy until we have an awareness around what this energy is so that we can let it go. Learning how to release it through the body is the key. We have core negative emotions, some of which include jealousy, insecurity, guilt, resentment, fear and anger. All these emotions, when held on to, are stored in the subconscious body. These negative emotions, if not let go of correctly, can slow you down, weigh you down, and eventually it can begin to feel like you are standing in quicksand.

This energy blocks the flow from your higher self, the part of you that is your magnificence, your beauty, your wisdom! When you are in alignment with your higher self you feel inspired, connected, loved and protected.

By holding onto these negative emotions, we stay separated from our issues pretending like they don’t exist, when they really do exist. No matter how much we may engage in behaviors trying to mask or cover up these emotions, wherever we go, they go with us. Negative energy will recreate energy of its like either in our physical body or in some aspect of our physical life. Because all energy is in a constant state of motion… no one can stop it from moving. In other words, we cannot escape from our negativity. The truth is…we can only learn from this energy and let it go.

Resistance and/or avoidance of our negative emotions can be very tiring. It takes a lot of energy to resist, and most are probably not even aware that they are resisting. Those who are in resistance and avoidance end up putting a lot of effort into their “doing,” and usually have a behavioral pattern of pushing. This is what ends up burning them out, all because they are pushing to get projects done or pushing on others to get them to be the way they want them to be. Once we let go of resisting the negative and learn how to correctly work with this energy, we start to make contact with the positive energy that lies underneath. Wherever there is negative energy that is blocked, behind it is positive energy that is also blocked. 

Instead of denying or suppressing our own negativity, we are to be learning how to release this energy from our subconscious. In fact, go within and check and see if this is a part of your soul’s purpose to clear out this negative energy from your subconscious. It’s the urging of one’s soul or higher self that causes all growth. Life really begins once the soul gets its own way with us. What would it be like to no longer be  affected by what others are doing or saying? Through engaging in good quality inner work and turning the spiritual discipline of conscious releasing into a lifestyle, we can master these emotions. Emotional mastery means you are no longer affected by what anybody else does. You are emotionally clear and emotionally stable. You are now the embodiment of your higher self. second thing that blocks our soul’s purpose is judgment. 
Have you noticed how some are so quick to judge and so slow to change their own ways? Some act as if they were given a license to be judge and jury. The truth is, they weren’t. I like what Dr. Wayne Dyer has to say about this, “Judging someone as stupid, doesn’t mean they’re stupid. It means… you are defining them as stupid!.”  Those who run judgment are the ones who end up paying the price. When somebody is judging, they really have some part of themselves in judgment and probably aren’t even conscious of it. When someone is free from their own judgment, they will no longer judge others. They will naturally allow everyone in their world to be exactly as they need to be. 

When someone is judging, they are preventing their higher self from moving through them. Someone can be on a hit-and-miss basis with their higher self at best. Judgment creates a separation or division which keeps them out of alignment with their higher self. What’s interesting is that the universe does not judge us. Judgment is something we as people have created. Once we are in judgment we are no longer in the flow of life.

If we are really on the planet to be humanitarians, how does it help to continue down this path of holding someone, or anyone for that matter, in judgment? What most people don’t realize is that when we are in judgment, the very thing we are judging we lock into place and strengthen. How many of us have made statements like, “I’ll never do what they do,” or “I’ll never become like them?” Then at some later point in life we realize that we are becoming the very person we said we would never become like. That’s because, those statements were coming from our own judgment we had that person in when we were making those statements.
The opposite of judgment is a state of total and complete acceptance. Love will transcend and melt judgment. Wherever there is judgment there can be no love. Wherever there is unconditional love, judgment cannot exist for any length of time. This is exactly what we are to be learning, how to love more and judge less. There is a beautiful yet simple Sioux Indian prayer we can use, “Great Spirit, help me never to judge another until I have walked in his moccasins for two weeks.”

The third thing is imbalance. Within us we have masculine and feminine energy, or yin/yang energy. When these two energies are not in harmony with each other an imbalance occurs. This simply means that there has been a split between these two significant parts of ourselves. One part is getting more energy than the other part, and one part feels judged, causing this imbalance. The latter part is living in this energy of judgment, which means it’s locked in this dark place and it’s not allowed to come into the light and be acknowledged. 

Most men and women today are leading their lives more with their masculine energy and suppressing their feminine energy, which can create a lot of pain. Because the feminine energy is the receiving side of us, this can also create an experiential effect in our lives which can manifest into the lack of money, lack of time and/or lack of love. creates the imbalance? Negative energy that is being held onto very tightly in the subconscious body, which again is resistance. Resistance is really futile, and depending how positional we are with our resistance, can also be very painful.

How do we become balanced? Well, first we must learn how to become aware of when we are resisting so we can let go of whoever or whatever we’re resisting. Then we truly can, should we choose to, purge and let go little-by-little of all this negative material that’s been trapped within the subconscious body once and for all. 

We will all eventually discover this truth, that regardless of how challenging our lives can be, our saving grace will be found in the real cellular healing of our subconscious body. It sets us free from all our negativity, sets us free from all our judgment, and brings us back into balance. If one can do it…everyone can do it. Realize your true potential and purpose, not through the process of trying to figure it out in your head, but by releasing the negativity that you have been holding onto in your subconscious body. The way to your higher self and soul purpose is through your lower self, the subconscious self!

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