3 Inner Powers for the Law of Attraction

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by Dale Halaway

The Law of Attraction states that we are all made up of energy and that “energy attracts like energy”. Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. The Law of Attraction responds to how we feel about what we think by attracting in people, situations or experiences that vibrate at the same frequency of that which we are holding in mind. To consciously work with the Law of Attraction, it is important to understand it in more depth through understanding our inner powers of feeling, action and focus. Power of Feeling. It is important to recognize that we are feeling beings by nature. To be in denial of or to keep ourselves separated or disconnected from what it is we are really feeling is not only nonproductive but in most cases counterproductive and in some cases destructive. Through the Law of Attraction, you get results in your outer world that reflect what you are feeling inside, so if you aren’t willing to deal with your feelings consciously and responsibly or even become positional in hanging on to your negative feelings, the Law of Attraction responds by attracting to you the experiences that can only reflect what it is you are holding in your consciousness. The Law of Attraction responds not purely to what you think, but how you feel about whatever you are thinking. If you have a pocket of negative energy and you know it’s inside of you and you aren’t dealing with it in a way that’s helping it move through you or pass through you for the purpose of resolution, then you are in the process of resisting. And as you probably already know, what you resist persists. We are not releasing our negative feelings by resisting them, we are strengthening them, therefore strengthening the effects of the Law of Attraction. We end up recreating the same experience over and over again, whether it be in our relationships, finances, career or health. Feelings and thoughts ARE energy and if the way you deal with your negative feelings and thoughts is to bury them… you are burying them alive which means at some future point it will attract it’s like to itself. “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” Just as this is so with negative energy, so it is with positive energy. When you are able to maintain a positive feeling this now becomes your point of attraction. To consciously attract something into your life means that you are masterful enough to pull up a positive feeling, envelop or bathe your body with that positive feeling while at the same time imagining a positive outcome of something you would like to experience or manifest in your life. As a result of this positive focus, it can and will bring up negative feelings and thoughts which now becomes the opportunity where you can clear out these layers of old suppressed energy from your subconscious body. To release these layers of negative thoughts and feelings is a process… this process is a life skill that when practiced consistently can change the way you experience your life in ways you may have only dreamed of until now. Power of Action. When it comes to the power of action, most people don’t have an issue with action, it’s in identifying the type of action that is productive for them that can become the challenge. There is a big difference between being busy and being productive. There is a principle that says “do less and accomplish more.” When it comes to the power of action, action without intention is meaningless. Many people experience their life in a hurry. It seems they are always running here and running there or constantly working endless hours.They confuse all this movement in their life as moving forward, but in reality the movement in their life has become nothing more than circular. A feeling often associated with being on a wheel from which they feel they can’t escape. When you come into alignment with the action that is right for you, everything that you do will be the right thing to do. It’s stepping into the right action that produces a positive result. You now are moving forward and growing in your life. You now experience victories and achieve your goals that you established through your intentions. Your actions are now in alignment with your higher self and your intentions. At the end of the day you feel rejuvenated, even if you are tired, it is a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment versus feeling exhausted and depleted. Power of Focus. There is another principle that says, “Whatever you focus on expands”. Focus is a choice, you are either orienting your focus on the positive or the negative. So ask yourself, are you focused on who you are or who you’re not. Are you focused on what you have or what you don’t have. Are you focused on what’s right or what’s wrong? Do you go to the perfection or the imperfection. It’s simply a choice.

As we move forward on our transformational journey we need to examine what we are focused on. How much focus is on your victories and gains versus what you haven’t become yet or what you haven’t accomplished. When focusing on victories you make amazing discoveries about yourself and wonderfully you experience even more victories because that is what is now expanding.

By understanding the importance of these 3 inner powers, you now can work with the Law of Attraction in ways that are so powerful and so life-changing that you perceive anything to be possible. You now live from an unlimited state of being and enjoy the happiness, freedom and abundance you truly deserve.

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