The Stairway to Ascension

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“Stop looking for the elevator to ascension because it doesn’t exist…

Take the stairs.” – Dale Halaway

The elevator to ascension doesn’t exist, that is wishful thinking and a trick the Ego would have us believe. When you are transforming and in the process of ascending, remember to look for incremental changes. Everything has to go through the nervous system first for it to truly take hold.

Stairway-to-ascension-v2We can’t move up the steps until we complete the step we are on fully. We are violating the Law of Process when we do. By trying to skip ahead a few steps on our ascension towards self-actualization, we weaken our foundation and slow our climb upward.


Approach ascension properly…  One step at a time.


It is good to always remember to acknowledge out loud when we are stuck. When we express it, only then can we move forward to the next step. And when we do begin to ascend by making a change, there is a time period of testing how resolved we are. Do not let the Ego fool you into thinking you are further along than you are.


To the subconscious, our word might not mean a lot. We must resolve ourselves to prove it. It can be difficult to truly resolve change where old beliefs are concerned. The old beliefs are the most difficult to ascend from. There is even a good chance that these old beliefs are sitting in an organ of the body. Resistance and dark thoughts surrounding those beliefs can turn into illness and physical ailments.


Many people could turn their health around by resolving old, limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that are stuck in the body. One of the keys is learning how to identify and release the resistance that’s been used by the Ego to keep us protected from having to face this stuck energy in our body. It’s the pro-active practice of letting our resistance go that jars this old energy loose so that it can be healed and resolved.


How easy is it for you to think only positive thoughts?


In this life we are given a moment of pause after we get a thought. That moment allows us to take the pause should we choose to, and do something proactive about it.


If we truly want to ascend the stairs to self-actualization, the pause will help lead the way.


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About Dale Halaway:

Dale Halaway has been influencing the lives and careers of thousands for almost forty years. Dale is one of the world’s leading authorities on personal and business transformation, entrepreneurial success and real leadership development. He is an international speaker, master teacher, success coach, strategic advisor and transformational authority. Dale is a leader in the movement for awakening and change, and is the author of a new guidebook for lasting change, entitled “Being Called to Change”, which has become a #1 best seller on Amazon.

DALE HALAWAY is a Master Transformational Teacher and Best-Selling Author. He has devoted his life’s work to serving other and to help them grow into their full potential.

In his early years, Dale was quite the entrepreneur, setting records in sales that are still unmatched to this day. He went on to specialize in business coaching and strategic planning for entrepreneurs, small businesses and large corporations such as FedEx and AT&T just to name a few. Dale then went into the private sector, conducting intensive private coaching sessions for individuals, influencers and high-profile clients. He brought his four decades of vast knowledge forward and has now opened his practice up to the public sector.

His expertise as a relationship expert, crisis counselor, and strategic advisor have made him on of the top advisors regarding what is playing out in the world’s stage at this time. Dale’s calm demeanor and expertise as a counselor and master life coach make him one of the emerging leaders in calming the fears that are mounting in the world right now.

Many are amazed by Dale’s ability to shift the energy of those in his field and to get them re-centered and re-aligned. He has mastered many techniques for this ability and has crafted them into a univesity of knowledge that is available to anyone and everyone.