Open a Portal to the Divine Within You

Relax completely, release tension, let go of resistance and allow yourself to be led and inspired by the voice of modern-day mystic, Dale Halaway, as he guides you along the path to the person you were always meant to be. Each meditation is a unique journey along the road to your own personal destiny!

Whether you currently have a meditation practice or not, Dale Halaway’s meditations are an experience unlike any you’ve ever had before. Each meditation contains an awakening. Valuable in themselves as unique adventures, they bring a greater value of being of service to the person you long to become—the authentic you. These meditations guide you to your Higher Self.

Dale Halaway’s Transformational Meditations have helped thousands of people achieve transformational breakthroughs by releasing the negative energy that prevented them from living a more empowered and abundant life.

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TransCovery Meditation

This 33-minute meditation, created by Master Teacher, Dale Halaway, is a tool for letting go. It is taken directly from from Dale’s public seminars, and has helped thousands of people achieve breakthrough after breakthrough in releasing the negative energetic shackles that had kept them from experiencing a more empowered and abundant life. First, through raising our awareness of our limiting dynamics, then by gently guiding us through the process of releasing them, Dale’s meditations connect listeners to their own profound, deeper truths that reside within often leaving them feeling deeply moved with a life changing experience.

Inner Child Meditation

Connect with your inner child in this half-hour meditation, and continue to repeat this as often as possible. By giving your inner child the attention it wants, needs and deserves, you will watch your life become more fulfilled and happy and you will begin to feel more complete. So many of the traps and pitfalls we deal with in our relationships are born from childhood experiences. If we are to truly have healthy and loving relationships with our partners, friends, and ourselves, then it is imperative that we heal the hurts of our childhood. This meditation is designed to help connect you with your inner child. This connection leads to helping your inner child grow up and mature, which will in turn lead to healthy and fulfilling interactions with others.

Daily Dose Meditation

The way we begin each day sets the tone for how the rest of our day will go.  The state of mind that we operate from can greatly impact the events that we will experience throughout the day. When we rush around feeling stressed, worried or upset, we put ourselves at greater risk of making mistakes or missing an important turn in life. Our greatest opportunity to thrive in this hectic, busy world is dependent upon our ability to see clearly and choose wisely, which means being as present as we can in every minute of every hour. Now you can begin each day with an added advantage by utilizing our Daily Dose Meditation, the newest addition to Dale Halaway’s TransMeditation Series. Dale has designed this daily meditation specifically for you to start each day with your best foot forward. You will then able to be more present, make better choices and experience more joy as your day unfolds.

Re-Imagined Self Meditation

This meditation is designed to aid in understanding body issues and the energy blockages within them. The love and acceptance of all parts of ourselves is key in our health and wellness. When we dislike parts of ourselves, and speak or think negatively about them, we can manifest illnesses and can even accelerate the aging process. We can raise our awareness of how we subconsciously feel towards our physicality and towards different parts of our body, both inside and out and shift it. With the use of this guided meditation, which is enhanced with healing frequencies, we can begin clearing out negative thought patterns and the dialogues that no longer serve us. We can then gain sight of and move towards an empowered self image. We are uplifted to new clarity about ourselves and can progress toward better health and vitality.

The Answer Within Meditation

What would your life be like if you made better choices? This calming meditation will help you release resistance. By letting go of resistance, we become unstuck and able to move forward. Learning to listen to the voice within reveals truths that only our higher self knows. In this meditation you can strengthen the connection with that larger part of you, being able to call upon it at any time for clarity of purpose.

Releasing Limiting Beliefs Meditation

The greater part of you knows you better than you know it.
It knows what you've been through, what you are going through and what you are about to be going through.
It also knows what limiting beliefs are holding you back and knows what you are to be letting go of. Embark on the journey towards the greatest version of you by releasing your limiting beliefs today!

Illuminating Your Shadow Meditation

By gaining an understanding of our shadow side and learning its needs, we can navigate through life with more clarity and with less snags. This meditation has three specific components and is set to frequency enhanced music and sounds designed to open your sacral chakra in order to help you connect to your shadow side.
The first part of the meditation will bring awareness to your torso and abdomen. You will be guided through relaxing these areas to further deepen your inner connective experience. The second part will help you recognize an aspect of your shadow side. With Dale’s release method of TransCovery interlaced through this section, you will be able to loosen and release that shadow aspect once it has been brought to light. In the final part of this meditation, your shadow side will reveal itself to you. You will be able to gain wisdom from what your shadow has to share with you and can take that forward to integrate into your transformational journey. Giving our shadow what it needs to heal will ultimately help us on the path towards becoming the greatest version of ourselves possible.

Time To Let Go Meditation

Bringing awareness to what it up for us to change is the best way to move into changing it. This awareness comes through a series of exercises that probe our resistance and our surrender. In this meditation you are able to dialogue with different aspects of yourself that may be in resistance to change. Visualizing the very thing we are to be releasing, and giving it form, helps us to connect to why and how we may be having trouble letting go of it. This exercise helps us release our attachment to the relationships or the things that we are clinging to subconsciously and/or energetically, allowing us to become free of them, surrender them and let go… Moving forward into a life of more ease and grace. This progresses our transformational journey of change and moves us closer to our authentic selves.

Forgiveness Meditation

This healing meditation is designed to help you recognize and release the negative, judgmental energy and resentment you have been holding toward yourself or others. When we are able to forgive and let go, we receive multiple benefits ranging from feeling lighter, energetically lifted and happier. Our life and often our health can improve after this as well. Holding resentment, hurt and anger within our cells can fester and spread like a disease throughout our being. We do not realize what this has felt like until after we have released it.
To make the most of this exercise, write a letter of forgiveness to yourself prior to doing this meditation. There is a section of the meditation dedicated to self-forgiveness. Writing the letter prior will aid in jarring that resentment energy loose. You can also write a letter of forgiveness to someone else if that is up for you to do. Of course, you can do this meditation without writing a letter as well – just experience what and who come up for you to forgive.
Receive the healing power of forgiveness by doing this meditation on a regular basis. There is nothing more freeing than letting go of old resentments, judgments and hostile feelings that are weighing us down.