Explore the effectiveness of frequency modulated tones, designed to target specific areas of the body, mind and soul through the chakras. Mhz tones take listeners to deeper meditive levels.

Whatever you’re experiencing in life, there is bound to be a meditation that resonates with you.

Many of Dale’s most popular meditations are taken directly from his public seminars. 

These meditations have helped thousands achieve breakthroughs in releasing the energetic weights that have kept them from a more empowered and abundant life.


1. Dale brings awareness of our unconscious resistance and gets us connected to our breath

2. We then go through an exercise to recognize and release our limiting dynamics and what no longer serves us

3. Dale takes us deeper into a visualization and dialogue with various parts of ourselves. This helps us connect more with the authentic parts of ourselves and reveals buried pieces of us that include manifesting abilities and dormant gifts, among other things.

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TransCovery Meditation

This 33 minute meditation, created by Master Teacher, Dale Halaway, is a tool for letting go.

It is taken directly from from Dale’s public seminars, and has helped thousands of people achieve breakthrough after breakthrough in releasing the negative energetic shackles that had kept them from experiencing a more empowered and abundant life…

Daily Dose Meditation

The way we begin each day sets the tone for how the rest of our day will go. The state of mind that we operate from can impact the events that we will experience throughout the day greatly.

When we rush around feeling stressed, worried, or upset, we put ourselves at greater risk of making mistakes or missing an important turn in life…

The Re-imagined Self Meditation

This meditation is designed to aid in understanding body issues and the energy blockages within them. The love and acceptance of all parts of ourselves is key in our health and wellness.

When we dislike parts of ourselves, and speak or think negatively about them, we can manifest illnesses and can…

Inner Child Meditation

Connect with your inner child in this half-hour meditation, and continue to repeat this as often as possible. By giving your inner child the attention it wants, needs and deserves, you will watch your life become more fulfilled and happy and you will begin to feel more complete… 

The Answer Within Meditation

What would your life be like if you made better choices? This calming meditation will help you release resistance. By letting go of resistance, we become unstuck and able to move forward. Learning to listen to the voice within reveals truths that only our higher self knows…

Releasing Limiting Beliefs Meditation

The greater part of you knows you better than you know it.
It knows what you’ve been through, what you are going through and what you are about to be going through.

Iluminating Your Shadow Meditation

By gaining an understanding of our shadow side and learning its needs, we can navigate through life with more clarity and with less snags. This meditation has three specific components and is set to frequency enhanced music and sounds designed to open your sacral chakra in order to help you connect to your shadow side…

Time To Let Go Meditation

Bringing awareness to what it up for us to change is the best way to move into changing it. This awareness comes through a series of exercises that probe our resistance and our surrender. In this meditation you are able to dialogue with different aspects of yourself that may be in resistance to change. Visualizing the very thing we are to be releasing, and giving it form,… 

Forgiveness Meditation

This healing meditation is designed to help you recognize and release the negative, judgmental energy and resentment you have been holding toward yourself or others. When we are able to forgive and let go, we receive multiple benefits ranging from feeling lighter, energetically lifted and happier. Our life and often our health can improve after this as well…