The Inner Child Meditation

Are you aware that you have an inner child? If this is a new concept for you, then chances are that your child within is feeling neglected and likely acting out from time to time. This is often noticed most when we see a grown adult having a “temper tantrum.” Our inner child is the game changer in all of our relationships – including the most important relationship of all, the one we have with ourselves.

And now you can connect with your inner child in this half hour meditation… By giving your inner child the attention it needs, wants and deserves, you will watch your life become more fulfilled and happy and you will begin to feel more complete.

So many of the traps and pitfalls we deal with in our relationships are born from childhood experiences. If we are to truly have healthy and loving relationships with our partners, friends, and ourselves, then it is imperative that we heal the hurts of our childhood.

As you connect with, and continue to connect with your inner child on a regular basis, this connection will lead to helping your child grow up and mature – which will in turn lead to healthy and fulfilling interactions and relationships with others.