Illuminating Your Shadow Meditation

By gaining an understanding of our shadow side and learning it’s needs, we can navigate through life with more clarity and with less snags. This meditation has three specific components and is set to frequency enhanced music and sounds designed to open your sacral energy center in order to help you connect to your shadow side.

The first part of the meditation will bring awareness to your torso and abdomen. You will be guided through relaxing these areas to further deepen your inner connective experience. The second part will help you recognize an aspect of your shadow side. With Dale’s emotional release method interlaced through this section, you will be able to loosen and release that shadow aspect once it has been brought to light. In the final part of this meditation, your shadow side will reveal itself to you.

You will be able to gain wisdom from what your shadow has to share with you and can take that forward to integrate into your transformational journey. Giving our shadow what it needs to heal will ultimately help us on the path towards becoming the greatest version of ourselves possible.