Time to Let Go Meditation

Letting go is a challenge for the majority of people, though it is something we should be doing continuously. By bringing awareness to what it up for us to let go of, we can then move into actually releasing it. This awareness comes through a series of exercises that probe our resistance and our surrender.

In this meditation you are able to dialogue with different aspects of yourself that may be in resistance to change. By visualizing the very thing we are to be releasing, and giving it form, this helps us to connect with why and how we may be having trouble letting go of it.

This practice helps us release our attachment to the relationships or the things that we are clinging to subconsciously and/or energetically, thereby allowing us to become free of them, surrender them and let them go…

We can then move forward into a life of more ease and grace. This progresses our transformational journey of change and moves us closer to our authentic selves.