Forgiveness Meditation

Holding resentment, hurt and anger within our cells can fester and spread like a disease throughout our being. We often hold hidden pockets of resentment or anger toward ourselves. But working on self-forgiveness will accelerate our transformation more than any other tool we have.

This healing meditation is designed to help you recognize and release the negative, judgmental energy and resentment you have been holding toward yourself or others. When we are able to forgive and let go, we receive multiple benefits ranging from feeling lighter, energetically lifted and happier. Our life and often our health can improve after this as well. We do not realize the weight that being unforgiving has had on us until after we have released it. To make the most of this exercise, write a letter of forgiveness to yourself prior to doing this meditation. There is a section of the meditation dedicated to self-forgiveness. Writing the letter prior will aid in jarring that resentment energy loose. You can also write a letter of forgiveness to someone else if that is up for you to do. Of course, you can do this meditation without writing a letter as well – just experience what and who come up for you to forgive.

Receive the healing power of forgiveness by doing this meditation on a regular basis. There is nothing more freeing than letting go of old resentments, judgments and hostile feelings that are weighing us down.