The Daily Dose Meditation

Our greatest opportunity to thrive in this hectic, busy world is dependent upon our ability to see clearly and choose wisely, which means being as present as we can in every minute of every hour. Now you can begin each day with an added advantage, by utilizing our Daily Dose Meditation.

It’s best to recognize that the way we begin each day sets the tone for how the rest of our day will go. And the state of mind that we operate from can impact the events that we will experience throughout the day greatly. When we rush around feeling stressed, worried, or upset, we put ourselves at greater risk of making mistakes or missing an important turn in life.

Dale has designed this daily meditation specifically for you to start each day with your best foot forward. You are then able to be more present, make better choices and experience more joy as your day unfolds.

Start each week or each day with this powerful, centering meditation that gives an added advantage to making the most of being present and clear for whatever comes our way.