Would You Like To Have Healthier Relationships?

Download the Heal Your Inner Child meditation and begin healing the part of you that creates the most dysfunction in all of your relationships!

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If you could begin your day with more clarity from a space of inner calm, how much of a difference would that make in your life?

So many of the traps and pitfalls we deal with in our relationships are born from childhood experiences. If we are to truly have healthy and loving relationships with our partners, friends, and ourselves, then it is imperative that we heal the hurts of our childhood.

This meditation is designed to help connect you with your inner child. This connection leads to helping your inner child grow up and mature, which will in turn lead to healthy and fulfilling interactions with others.

Remember that a poor or non-existent connection with your inner child will manifest in negative ways. If you’re still holding onto an inadequate relationship with yourself and with life, your relationships with others will continue to be difficult or painful. This meditation will also help in your self love and self-acceptance.

Connect with your inner child in this half hour meditation, and continue to repeat this as often as possible. By giving your inner child the attention it wants, needs and deserves, you will watch your life become more fulfilled and happy and you will begin to feel more complete.

Dale Halaway – Founder & CEO, Dale Halaway International

Dale Halaway is one of the world’s leading authorities on personal and business transformation, entrepreneurial success, strategic thinking, and soul-empowered leadership.

Introductory Rate: ONLY $29.97