Clear Out Fear, Anxiety or Upset in Just 3 Short Minutes

The TransCovery Process® is taken from two words: “Trans” referring to Transformation and “Covery” referring to Discovery. It has been specifically designed over many years to help you to let go of that which no longer serves and to become the person you were destined to become from the very beginning.

The TransCovery Process® is a body of questions that follows a specific sequence which provides a guidance system for responsible conscious inquiry into self. This personal guidance system engages self-inquiry for the benefit of removing stress, needy energy, negative thoughts and emotions, and unwanted behavioral patterns.

The TransCovery Process® is designed to assist those who would like to purge and release their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and the behavioral patterns that are no longer serving them. This system provides a method which can correctly identify that way of thinking, feeling, believing or behaving that is no longer working for them and let that energy go as a way to be consciously engaged in their own transformational process.

Kym Figueroa

When I first came to the seminars, I suffered from severe panic attacks to the point of blackout. I was becoming agoraphobic. I didn’t want to leave my home. And for a person who is successful in business, that was not gonna work! It was affecting my relationships with my family as well as my career. With the TransCovery Process®, I learned how to now deal with that energy that was creating the panic attacks in the first place. Now I no longer suffer from panic attacks.”

This self-actualization process provides the structure in which we can access, correctly identify and release the energy of negative thoughts, feelings, limiting beliefs, patterns and attachments that have been running our lives. It’s the life-changing process of purging and releasing this negative and limiting energy that creates real transformation on a cellular level and deepens our journey of self-discovery. Real transformation is usually achieved incrementally for the greater purpose of True Self-Actualization. The TransCovery Process® shows us how to use everything in our life as a way to empower our transformation and to bring our lives into alignment with our True “Soul” Self.

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TJ Beatty

“Most of my life, I suffered from chronic anxiety. It’s a negative way of thinking and it’s fear driven. And I’ve tried a lot of things—hypnosis, self-hypnosis, etc.—to get over it. And that helped a little bit. It helped me get in touch with myself, but it was really this coaching, The TransCovery Process® that helped me to understand that the fear isn’t gonna hurt me. It’s not going to destroy me. It’s not going to do anything. It’s okay for me to step into it. And so a lot of the fears that I’ve had, um, I’ve been able to use this process to really step into them and to trust it’s all gonna come out okay on the other end.”

Jann Arrington-Wolcott

“TransCovery is the most positive, loving, powerful, life-changing process and teaching I have discovered in my 67 years of seeking. It could well change the world.”

Kody Schweickhardt

“I’m so happy and grateful I’ve found a process that works! It’s not mumbo jumbo. I LOVE The TransCovery Process®!”