Thanks to all the students and
clients who have come forward to
share their experience of me and my work.

-Dale Halaway

“Dale, Your speaking content was thoroughly informative and motivating. There was never a dull moment… the multiple standing ovations you received were proof of your effectiveness in motivating my people.”


“I know this class will impact my life as it has already — I can feel a shift in my mind, attitude and beliefs. I will attend more workshops to improve the areas I need to work on. These classes are not expensive enough for what you get from them.”

~Véronigúe T

“The time is now, the teacher is Dale and the place is within your body, mind and soul. Everything else is a distraction from uncovering your true self. It’s the only way of breaking out of the sleepy matrix.”

~ Genevieve B

“Thank you, Dale. Our results improved immediately. The first month after the seminar, my sales force performed at 165% of quota. The best results were long term behavior modification of many habits my account executives had picked up over the years. The individual improvements in attitude, prospecting and selling smart have been astounding.”

~ AT&T

“These seminars have definitely impacted my life with money, relationships and my own transformation. Dale is a true master teacher and his teachings will change your life for the better.”

~ Jaime D

“Your powerful and dynamic presentation on goal setting injected a renewed sense of purpose and dedication into our dealers. Before the seminar, ATCO Metal was looking for a good year – after the seminar, it became a super year!”


“Three days of intense self-discovery is worth the investment of time and money. The feeling of receiving more than what I paid for is paramount.”

~ JP

“You just have to do it!!! It’s not like anything you have ever experienced before. This is a game changer for me and is helping me to transform my whole life.”

~ Katrina J

“Your power-packed seminars in San Francisco and Denver offered practical techniques, ideas and strategies that our distributors can use in building their independent businesses. Your series of seminars were the ideal follow-up to your superb keynote address at our national conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thank you again, Dale.”


“I’m so happy and grateful I’ve found a process that works… it’s not mumbo jumbo. I love the TransCovery process. Dale takes spiritual implementation to the next level. Oh and he’s super humble and real.”

~ Kody S

“Your message to our people on building self esteem and overcoming the fear of rejection tied in very well with our theme! I’ve received positive comments on your presentation in all 13 locations across Canada.”


“Perfect timing for me to attend Dale Halaway’s Harmony Within. Needed now as I am smack dab in the middle of repairing my real self and dissolving my false self. Dale is the perfect teacher for all things happiness while living an authentic living! So grateful.”
~ Sheryl Lynn

“The more than 400 attendees were unanimous in their praise of your message and I know you touched the lives of many. The standing ovations which Dale received is a strong testimonial to the strength of his message and to his powerful presentation.”


“Dale’s insights about the inner child seem so obvious once you hear it from him. I have learned from Dale to keep it simple and not complicate a specific issue. The TransCovery process has changed my life by helping me heal from my past. The new information in every seminar just keeps unlocking more for me to TransCover. Every human on earth should be at the next seminar.”

~ Joe E

“You did not stumble across Dale Halaway seminars by accident. This is a universal response to an energy or call you have put out to the universe and this is the first step in that response giving you the opportunity to follow through with what you say you want. This is your opportunity to step into your power and become the best version of you.”

~ Kayla M

“This inspirational and powerful seminar filled with a wealth of information presents make‐sense tools to create immediate changes in the life of the person desirous of living in harmony, happiness and success in ALL ways. Of the hundreds of seminars I have attended, this is THE ONE!”

~ Annalea C

“During the period of time when our business is usually at its slowest, January and February and with the so-called recession, our business has increased 21% over the last year -and we’ve only just completed our second month on Dale’s program. We personally know of the great accomplishments that some of our clients’ companies have achieved with Dale’s Entrepreneurial Leadership programs.”


“This is a game changer for me! Dale has an incredible way of articulating truths in a way that breaks down the complexity of our human experience, like no other. He helps it make sense. He provides a safe environment for people to look at themselves in a productive way to make real and lasting changes in their lives. It is valuable beyond measure!”

~ Janell L

“It was obvious to me that your remarks were tailored to our in-depth conversation, which made the presentation much more meaningful and applicable to our sales group. Once again, thank you for working with us on this most important project and I look forward to additional training in the future.”

“Dale’s seminars have tremendous value, they can improve your life in so many ways — your personal relationships, your business, your money and finances. These seminars are the best investment you could ever make!”
~ Kim H

“Be prepared for an impactful and empowering experience in bettering your life — which includes your personal and business life. If you’re asking questions, and are ready for the answers, you’ll get it here.”
~ Candice P

“Dale Halaway’s presentations are inspirational, informative and entertaining. He has a wonderful ability to connect with an audience and make them glad they came.”

“Your series of seminars has formed the base for our entire sales program. In early 1993, EnTrade was merged with Tenneco Gas Marketing Company to form a $2 billion per year marketing company. Your programs still serve as one of our foundational blocks.”

“These teachings will and have impacted my life by allowing me to have at my disposal anytime, anywhere a system that can move me forward in my healing process when and where I need it most. You have got to try this, it will change your life. It provides a skillset to enable you to gently and lovingly heal you.”
~ Prisco P

“Dale, you totally captivated the audience and held everyone’s attention and enthusiasm for over two hours. To be the speaker at the end of a very long day and still leave the attendees wanting more, certainly says it all!”

“If you know that something needs to change in your life but don’t know what it is and/or how to change it, let Dale help you. He has a natural gift that will assist you in finding the answers you are looking for. I guarantee that your life will change for the better if you are willing to be open and honest with yourself.”
~ Tina P

“It’s something you owe to yourself to at least take a look at, it can change your life if you’re ready! It has vaulted me forward to show me what I’m actually capable of, and has presented a real answer to the fantasy inner dialogue that’s plagued me for so long.”
~ Greg P

“You captivated our entire sales force through your real life experiences, sound ideas and personal charisma. I have received numerous calls from our attendees since the meeting expressing their gratitude for offering such a fine program on improving their selling skills. Thanks again for your outstanding contribution to the success of our meeting.”

“Dale was able to keep everyone’s full attention throughout the presentation despite the fact that this group had already put in a full day.”

“If you want to stay asleep and you love your comfort zone — STAY AWAY! But if you want change — real lasting change, come one time then see what it will do for you.”
~ David F

“Often we who have been in sales for a long time get to thinking that we’ve heard it all. But I found myself grabbing for paper and pen as you spoke.”

“This past weekend I attended this entrepreneurial seminar led by Dale Halaway. It really opened my eyes. His seminars dip very deep into your soul. You tend to find all these things, or truths about yourself. It checks you to what you should be doing with your life, what you really should be doing and how to get there. The truth was so real. Everyone that attends these seminars all share common interests and no one judges anyone. It’s crazy! You should go! ”
~ Kristel N

“You must experience a Dale Halaway seminar! There is nothing else like it. Your life will change in ways you can’t imagine — it most certainly has with mine!”
~ TJ B

“Your leadership ability has always been evident. I was tremendously impressed with your total professionalism on the platform…the delivery was excellent; you have a natural, enthusiastic style that causes people to get involved quickly and the energy was non-stop.”
~ Les Hewitt, Author, THE POWER OF FOCUS

“Dale, we cannot thank you enough for the many roles you have played in our company – a practical and wise business coach, a trainer of staff and management, an understanding counselor, and a dynamic speaker who has inspired us to optimum levels of performance in all areas of our lives. The results speak for themselves – a 63% increase in sales over the last fiscal year – in a very challenging market!”

“If you want to improve your business relationships, and your business, Dale’s seminars are for you. His seminars go deeply into levels that normal seminars don’t get into. You’ll discover more about yourself and why you sometimes sabotage your own efforts, and success in business.”
~ Mitzi R

“Thanks to your excellent, excellent leadership during our Intensive 3-day Strategic Planning Session, we are not only focused on our team and committed to company direction, but we now have unanimous buy-in throughout the organization. Our business grew by almost 100% in one year.”

“It will change your life! If you think you can’t afford to go financially, trust me when I tell you, that your soul can’t afford not to go! These seminars have unlocked the prison doors that my ego had created for me, and now allows me the freedom to actualize the untapped potential for my future.”
~ Bob M

“I would recommend this seminar to anyone who is tired of repeating the same old patterns, and wants to seriously step up their professional game in a long lasting way! I took a deep dive into my fears and issues around embracing my entrepreneurial path, seeing how my limited perspective was holding me back from the abundant opportunities in front of me. It was incredibly revealing… thank you!”
~ Chris H

“Dale’s keynote address was both thought provoking and inspiring, leaving each participant with a sense that we could accomplish anything we set our minds to.”

“Your 2-day presentation and Inspired Leadership workshop had more impact on us and our clients than any other presentation that Solatube has sponsored since the company was started ten years ago. This means that your presentation had results!!! You’ll be a tough act to follow, so we look forward to working with you on a regular basis in the future. We are already planning a series of training seminars for this coming year with you as our featured trainer.”

“Dale’s seminars are enlightening, empowering and deep. The benefits are priceless! His teachings create lasting results when applied to daily living. They have been the foundation for me strengthening the way in which I communicate with others. I have learned how to access the negative emotions, beliefs and patterns that were sabotaging my happiness and success in life. I am so grateful to have found these classes!”
~ Kym F

“ …results we have experienced within the last 90 days are 6 of our 16 sales people have had their best months ever and the company has had its second biggest month in history.”

“The month following my first seminar with Dale my bonus check increased by $5,000!”
~ Andrea L

“Just go! You will never be the same. You’ll leave with more clarity, laughter and an awesome new set of friends.”
~ Dawn

“Dale Halaway is a genuine person with tremendous insight and experience. His intuitiveness and understanding about business and people were so impressive, not only did we contract Dale to work with our school, but also with me personally.”

“No matter where you are. If your door is closed, if you leave it unlocked, one of these seminars with Dale, will open the gate to your heart. The voice of my heart is louder to me than it has been in years, maybe ever. I can feel it speaking to me with more clarity, than I’ve allowed it to for a long time. It’s so empowering!”
~ Sean M

“I would encourage anyone to attend a future seminar. We all need guidance and enlightenment to heal ourselves in the world we all live in. These seminars are so eye-opening and life-changing!”
~ Jenn M

“Have attended several seminars now, and they only get better each time. I cannot put a price on how much they have improved my relationships. I truly feel they have put me on the right path… to happiness!”
~ Chris N

“Once again I have received volumes of benefit. The principles of leadership and releases along the course will aid me as a professional manager.”

“These seminars contain truths that transform. It is like putting on glasses, and seeing things you’ve never seen before. And once your eyes are opened, it changes everything.”
~ Shantell B

“In 13 years of Dale’s seminars, this has been the most impactful, powerful and game-changing day ever! WOW… some of these breakthroughs, realizations and revelations, I’ve been waiting for a long time. This stuff cannot be described. It has to be experienced. Come to the next class!”
~ Marcel F