How To Achieve Inner Balance Between Your Divine Masculine And Feminine Energies


Get Off The Hamster Wheel Of Struggle And Reclaim Your Most PowerfulAuthentic Self! Discover How To Balance Your Masculine And Feminine Energies So You Can Live The Thriving Life You Were Destined To Live!

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From The Desk Of Dale Halaway

Las Vegas, NV

This is the era of finding our way back to our true self.

Some of the gauges that tell us where we’re at in our journey of returning back to wholeness are joy, peace and grace.

How happy are you?

How often do you experience INNER peace?

How much grace do you experience in your day to day life?

There will be more stress, strife and struggle in our lives if we’re still hanging onto someone or something that we’re truly to be letting go of.

It could be an old relationship that hasn’t been working for some time, an old way of doing business that’s not connecting in the market place like it used to, or an old addictive behavior that’s been getting in the way of you moving forward in life.

These types of experiences will put us into a “state of resistance” which can cause us to separate even more from our true self.

Have you noticed that life flows easier when your life is actually working?

When your life is working you feel happier, right?

And you’re at peace with yourself, following your inner guidance. You’re doing things you enjoy. Your energetic vibration is more elevated.

And when you’re vibrating higher you naturally gravitate towards things that interest you and make you feel good.

This is just some of what it’s like to really be living your life as your True Self!

Return To Wholeness an on-demand transformational healing course that will show you how to align your life with your True Self so you can have more joy, abundance, and ease!

I’m also going to give you step-by-step action plans to dismantle the negative programming that has blocked you from having all that you truly want and deserve in life.

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Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Discover…

✔️ How the “human condition” causes separation between you and your True Self (a.k.a. your BEST self)

✔️ Discover why separation from your True Self is the root cause of struggle, illness, and financial hardship

​✔️ The 7 signs that show you’re moving back into alignment with your True Soul Self and returning to wholeness

​✔️ 62 different characteristics of the Masculine and Feminine essences that will help you understand what it TRULY means to be Masculine and Feminine

​✔️ A simple, 7-step exercise to help you embody the Divine Masculine or Feminine essence within you

​✔️ The four stages to finding your way back to your True Soul Self… a.k.a. the REAL you

​✔️ The six steps to bringing your life into alignment with your authentic self so you can experience more joy, happiness, and fulfillment

✔️ ​13 activities you can do to become more Masculine or Feminine

​✔️How to “communicate” with your Masculine or Feminine essence so you can feel safer, more grounded, and more comfortable in your own skin.

​✔️ How your Ego can sabotage your happiness by getting you to become too Masculine or too Feminine.

​✔️ The 9 steps to becoming whole again so you can live the life you are truly meant to live.

​​✔️ Plus you get a detailed, step-by-step, 27 page workbook that guides you through the entire course.

​✔️ And a whole lot more!!

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