Coming Soon In 2020...

Dale Halaway

As Dale has discovered over his many years of teaching, answering questions from readers and students is of great value to everyone, not just the person asking the question. With that in mind, Dale created a weekly show that is streamed on radio and podcast networks, so that many can benefit from the information garnered from each episode. These programs are archived on our website at, and detailed information can be found on the show’s website at The exciting thing about this program is that you can write or call in with questions, and at some point, Dale will be able to answer your question on the air! Each episode has a different theme, and as everyone soon discovers, Dale can answer any question on any topic. Whatever you are going through or need support with, you will likely find the answer in our show archives.

To submit a question for Q and A Tuesday, send it to:
[email protected] 

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