Want To Find Peace, Inner Security, and Direction In This Time Of Great Turbulence?

What on Earth is happening… with the world these days?

If you’ve been feeling more and more concerned (and surprised) about everything that’s been going on, you’re obviously not alone.

As things become more unpredictable, stress and anxiety levels for just about everyone are rising.

And in times like these, the best recipe for success and inner peace is to have a strong support system in place…

One that will keep you from getting overwhelmed mentally and emotionally…

And will empower you to be more relaxed so you can take things one day at a timein the right direction.

That’s exactly what Master Teacher and Transformational Expert, Dale Halaway, has created ELEVATE for…

To help keep you grounded and centered from day-to-day and week-to-week as we navigate through this “new reality” we find ourselves in.

What is elevate?

ELEVATE is a monthly support system that will help you stay in control of your life even when the world around you seems to be spinning out of control.

As we experience more stress, we become increasingly subjective about our own lives…

Which is usually when we make decisions that create unpleasant consequences…

Like losing money, saying things we don’t mean, and taking wrong turns in life.

Now more than ever, it’s critical to be making all the right “turns” in life… everyday!

Elevate will help you do that. It’ll help you rise above the challenges of the “new normal” that we now live in.

Note: ELEVATE is a recurring monthly subscription service.

Who is Dale Halaway?

Dale Halaway is a Master Transformational Teacher and Best-Selling Author. He has devoted his life’s work to serving others and to helping them grow into their full potential.
His expertise as a relationship expert, crisis counselor, and strategic advisor have made him one of the top advisors regarding what is playing out in the world’s stage at this time. Dale’s calm demeanor and expertise as a crisis counselor and master life coach make him one of the emerging leaders in calming the fears that are mounting on this world right now.

“Having support during these crazy and uncertain times has been so important to me, and the Elevate program is a huge part of that support. I look forward to it every week – knowing what’s going on and why and what we can do to avoid getting sucked down helps keep me going. And having the opportunity to ask Dale for help is an absolute blessing that I am incredibly grateful for. 

                                                                                                                                            ~ Kim H.

How Does Elevate Work?

Every month, you’ll be invited to a group support call taught by Dale Halaway.

During the call, Dale will use his 40+ years as a coach, teacher, entrepreneur, and mystic to give you guidance, insight, and strategies for successfully navigating everything that’s happening in the world around you…

And the world within you (mentally, emotionally, and spiritually).

Dale addresses topics relevant to what’s happening right now including:

  • Money
  • Manifestation
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Personal and spiritual growth
  • Insight into world events that you can expect to happen next

Each bi-weekly support call includes Q&A and personalized coaching during the call for those who seek it.

Plus, you get FREE access to the recorded replay of each monthly support call for 6 days!

So, if you can’t make it to the live call any given week, you’ll have plenty of time to go back and listen to the replay.

Note: ELEVATE is a recurring monthly subscription service.

“ELEVATE keeps me uplifted throughout the day! I really enjoy the support calls. Dale’s soothing voice, gives me comfort and confidence that my inner being is on the right path, forward. Insightful dialogue keeps me striving higher and higher in my own personal journey, and brings balance to my thoughts. I look forward to Elevate each week. Thanks Dale for holding such space for all of us to feel, heal, and peel away each layer for freedom of the soul & to achieve Transcendence.”

                                                                                                                            ~ Briana N.

You Also Get Three FREE Bonuses When You Join Elevate!

First, you get free access to the recorded replay of each weekly support call for 72 hours starting the day after the live call. So, even if you can’t make it to the live broadcast each week, you can still access all the teachings, tips, and coaching when it’s convenient for you.

Second, you get free attendance to Dale’s LIVE webcasts. Six times per year, Dale creates and teaches a brand NEW 4 hour live webcast that takes a deep dive into new skills and teachings for you to use between support calls to keep yourself centered, balanced, and thinking with a clear mind. These classes are $67 each for anyone who’s not a member of Elevate.

Third, you get 4 days of free access to the recorded replay of each of the six webcasts. So if you can’t attend the live broadcast of any of the them, you’re covered. Plus you can go back a soak in the teachings again and again as much you want!

How Much Does It Cost?

We know times are tough.

So we’ve decided to make this powerful support program accessible to as many people as possible by keeping the prices SUPER LOW!

You get a 2.5 hour support call every single week of the month…

Plus free access to each month’s support call replay for 6 full days…

Normally, ELEVATE is a $97 per month membership…

BUT to make it easier for everyone to benefit from this program during the economic challenges so many are facing…

We’ve reduced the price to ONLY $29 per month!

This is a simple month-to-month program that you can cancel at any time!

If you decide it’s not for you, just send us an email and we’ll cancel your subscription. 

Super easy. Super affordable. Super supportive of you.

Click the button below to get started today!


Note: ELEVATE is a recurring monthly subscription service.