“People think they manifest what they want, but that is FALSE. They manifest what they BELIEVE. What we believe is more powerful than what we want.
Beliefs rule and then ruin.

Did your parents have memorable money sayings such as:

A penny save is a penny earned

Money doesn’t grow on trees

Save your pennies for a rainy day

Money is a root of evil

Health is better than wealth, etc?

The beliefs you picked up or co-created in this life with your parents and other influential people will hook themselves into your money stream. The sooner you can connect to a belief that is no longer serving you, the sooner it can change your money flow.

We must identify our beliefs to dismantle them. Then replace them with beliefs that serve us. We have to get to the root of that belief which is 100% emotional. Once the belief has been crystalized, it will manifest itself in our universe from there on out.The 

We live in an ocean of money… It is all around us.

Money doesn’t care how much you want or need it. It’s like taking a bucket to the ocean and filling it up with water. The ocean doesn’t care how much you take, and neither does money. Yet your beliefs within you, they do care. And they influence how much you fill up your bucket.

Change your beliefs about money, and you change your money reality.” – Excerpt from Money Mastery with Dale Halaway

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