Do you see things as being done to you?
Or being done for you?

This simple viewpoint can change the way things impact us greatly.

When we see everything as being done to us, or when we choose language like “stuff like this always happens to me”, we’re operating from victim consciousness.

With that line of thinking, we can actually bring more negative upon us and cause bad things to happen to us. We can cause ourselves to stay broke, to always be in lack, to get sick, to never lose weight, and so on – you get the idea…

There is a Universal Law, The Law of Correspondence (also sometimes referred to as the Law of Reflection), that states “as within so without.” This means that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. But that law can go either way. We can come from a more negative slant, or a more positive slant. And the percentage of negative/positive that we operate from has a direct bearing on what we are manifesting as a reality in our world.

So, if the language coming out of our mouth is speaking that we are a victim, and if our subconscious believes that bad things happen to us, then we are likely creating the circumstances for those negative things to manifest and for bad things to actually happen to us. Perhaps not right away, but if we continue down this path of believing this sort of thing, it will eventually happen.

No one wants to think that they are the one causing bad things to happen to them. This is often a tough pill to swallow for anyone who has made a mess of their lives. But it’s the first pill they have to swallow, if they are going to begin to make new choices that will create a new outcome.

Don’t believe me? Then try this:

How we truly view the things can come more from our sub-conscious rather than our conscious mind. Here’s a challenge that will help you learn more about where these thoughts are coming from. And it is foolproof in not being able to deceive yourself…

Keep a pen and notepad nearby for the next 3 days….
Every time you say something negative, write it down.

Listen for things that come out of your mouth like “I’m so stupid, I never have enough money, bad things always happen to me, I can’t control my eating when I’m bored at home, I just know someone is going to break in and steal my stuff, I’m not safe and better get a gun, we’re all going to die, I just know I’m going to get sick, they did this to me, you’re making me feel upset, what are they thinking of me, I’ve got to build my case against them, etc, etc, etc…

These are all negative statements and negative language patterns that reinforce the subconscious belief where these negative statements are actually coming from. And our subconscious mind is a powerful machine. It is the first basic level that we manifest from. So, if we reinforce those types of statements, then our subconscious gets the message to turn them into reality. Some of those negative subconscious beliefs can hold a great deal of our power. This is the number one cause that is at the root of bringing more negativity into our daily lives.

Scary huh? But the good news is that it’s really simple to change. Think about it… if we take that basic manifesting ability that we have, and we begin to hone in on those negative statements that our subconscious has latched onto, we can actually work with each one – bringing them conscious, so we can begin to shift that negative slant towards a positive one.

Our negative misperceptions are rooted in our limiting beliefs. And each one of us has old negative programming and limiting beliefs that are buried in our subconscious that we are probably completely unaware of. Unaware that is, until they pop out of our mouth in those telling statements that drop some clues about what is truly going on inside our minds or psyche.

So, are you up for the challenge? Are you ready to change things in your outer world? If yes, then begin by working on your inner world. Once you change the inner landscape, the outer one has to match. Not because I say so, but because this is governed by Universal Law.

We can choose to be victorious in our own lives – by not just choosing to let go of our limiting beliefs, but by also choosing that we are no longer going to be a victim.

It goes without saying that if there has been a victim inside of us, there has also been a victor inside of us. Now, choosing to be the Victor is truly within reach. Because it is already inside of each of us.

Now more than ever before is the time to transform our Victim consciousness to that of ultimately becoming the Victor in our own lives.

I have an online class coming up entitled “Be the Victor” in which we take a deep dive (4-hours as a matter of fact), into this topic of awakening and empowering our inner Victor.

Join us for this online class for just $37 with code APR30. Bring out the positive side of you that can overcome the challenges we are facing in the world today – the side of you that is truly able to face anything and to be victorious…

Victim or Victor… the choice is yours!
~ Dale

Be The Victor – Copy Good