Are you in control of your feelings? Or are your feelings in control of you?


Many people avoid, suppress or do whatever they can to avoid feeling things that are uncomfortable. Our society has been conditioned to go for the quick fix. The problem with that is, the feelings don’t just go away. They get suppressed and accumulate, and ultimately end up controlling us.


In order to heal ourselves, we must be willing to feel our feelings. That’s the important step many people try to skip over. But, getting in touch with our feelings doesn’t mean we get lost in them. Once we learn how to feel consciously, we can respond to our emotions as they arise. Many times, as feelings move through us, they provide great insight through which we can see our world differently. And when this happens, everything changes.


I cover this in depth in my book, “Being Called to Change,” where I illuminate the various ways people avoid dealing with their feelings. And I’ll show you step-by-step how to process your feelings in a healthy and productive way.


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