Our society has been conditioned to avoid feeling things that are uncomfortable or painful. When something happens in life that makes us feel angry, sad, grieving, fearful, etc., for many, the automatic strategy (which we may be unconscious of) is to stuff our feelings.

It can begin as a temporary fix. But when we don’t understand how to consciously deal with and move through our feelings, we can develop the belief that whatever we are using to suppress or mask them is the only way we know how to feel good. Next thing we know, we’ve become emotionally and physically dependent on it.


In order to truly heal an addiction, we must get to the root of the emotional wounds within us and do the work to heal and transform them. Imagine the freedom that comes with being able to release the desperate dependency on something outside of your own heart and mind. What would it feel like, and what you could achieve, if you were able to stand in your true authentic power again and break the chains of your own self-imposed prison?


It may feel impossible. But I promise, it can be done! 

In my book, “Being Called to Change,” I give you the tools to confront and authentically change what’s truly holding you back.

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