What if transforming your relationship, your money or your health could be done not in years, but in a few days?

If you currently find yourself broke, or in a shadow career, in a health breakdown or in a broken relationship—you’re in good company. Just about everyone struggles in one or two or all of these areas most of the time. It’s not too late to change.

But if you’ve been trying to do it alone, you may never get there. Do you have the humility to admit you need a hand? If so, you’re halfway there. And if you’re ready to let it in, you’ve got a chance.

Good news. There’s a community of brilliant souls just like you that you haven’t met yet. AND, you’ve got a mentor.


November 7th – 11th, 2018
November 12th: Bonus Day for Future Coaches
Las Vegas, NV
9:30am – 6:00pm
Registration on the 7th begins at 9:00am

If you’re ready to take your transformation to a new level and want immersion in The TransCovery Process…this is your opportunity. The focus of this class is on reclaiming your power to transform and heal yourself. There will be personalized coaching in this 5-day experience, as there will only be seats for 28 people. The prerequisite for Coaching School for Family and Friends is that you will have attended at least one previous seminar with Dale Halaway.

In addition to teaching you how transform yourself, you will also learn how you may lovingly give this same gift to your friends and family. Join us!

TransCovery is the most positive, loving, powerful, life-changing process and teaching I have discovered in my 67 years of seeking. It could well change the world.
Jann A.


December 8th – 9th, 2018
Las Vegas, NV
9:15am – 6:00pm
Registration on the 8th begins at 8:45am

Do you let life, or your own limitations get in the way of creating a successful career or business? If so, what's been the price of not having a successful career or business? We'll dive into 3 powerful drivers for creating a successful and fulfilling career in this 2-day class.
​​​​​​​First, the significance of creating a vision for you, your career and/or your business. Without a clear vision there can be no forward movement.
Second, the entrepreneur and more specifically the preneur. Learning how to be preneurial is one of the master keys for advancing our career.
Third, aligning your business or career with the magnificence of your soul.


February 21st – 24th, 2019
Santa Barbara, CA
9:00am – 6:00pm
Registration on the 21st begins at 8:30am

The big reveal in this seminar is that the Matrix isn’t something “out there” maintained by an evil force that wants to steal your life without you knowing it. The Matrix is something in here, inside you that you create and constantly give energy and attention to maintaining. Once you stop giving it energy and attention, by focusing instead on discovering your soul self, it will fall down. At that point, you can escape the illusion of the Matrix and step into the true you. 

The time is now, the teacher is Dale and the place is within your body, mind and soul. Everything else is a distraction from uncovering your true self. It’s the only way of breaking out of the sleepy matrix.
- Genevieve B

Kym Figueroa

“Every person walking the planet should have access to these teachings. They inspire us to look deep into our patterns, beliefs, feelings and behaviors that could be sabotaging some part of our lives and especially our relationships.” 

Tina Piazza

“If your life feels like you are lost and you keep seeing the same signs and landmarks, attending a Dale Halaway seminar could change that for you.”