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Our subconscious beliefs about ourselves can begin to take physical form and can manifest as illness and deterioration. If you had more self love and acceptance, what might that do for your health and vitality?

This meditation is designed to aid in understanding body issues and the energy blockages within them. The love and acceptance of all parts of ourselves is key in our health and wellness.

When we dislike parts of ourselves, and speak or think negatively about them, we can manifest illnesses and can even accelerate the aging process.

We can raise our awareness of how we subconsciously feel towards our physicality and towards different parts of our body, both inside and out and shift it. With the use of this guided meditation, which is enhanced with healing frequencies, we can begin clearing out negative thought patterns and the dialogues that no longer serve us.

We can then gain sight of and move towards an empowered self image. We are uplifted to new clarity about ourselves and can progress toward better health and vitality.

Dale Halaway – Founder & CEO, Dale Halaway International

Dale Halaway is one of the world’s leading authorities on personal and business transformation, entrepreneurial success, strategic thinking, and soul-empowered leadership.

Introductory Rate: ONLY $29.97