The Shortest Distance Between Where You Are and Where You Need to Go

When you know there is a particular issue you need to resolve quickly and efficiently, whether in yourself or in your organization, it may be time to get some laser-focused coaching. That’s what you get in Dale Halaway’s Private Intensives program.

Dale has spent many years as a coach for a select private clientele. He offers Private Intensives for high ranking CEOs, leaders and celebrities. In these intensive sessions, appropriately named due to the level of individual intensity infused into them, Dale immerses himself deeply into your daily routine and the workspace of your organization.

By utilizing his gifts and focusing in on your suppressed internal energy blockages, Dale guides you into a state of higher awareness. By accessing your higher self from this state of awareness, he tunes in and designs strategies that are right for you and the soul of your organization.

“Thanks to your excellent leadership during our Intensive 3-day Strategic Planning Session, we are not only focused on our team and committed to company direction, but we now have unanimous buy-in throughout the organization. Our business grew by almost 100% in one year.” 

                                             ~ Darlene Karn, CEO, The Matrix Group

This focus and individual attention propels you into a rapid progression of higher consciousness, personal and collective transformation, and internal evolution. When you and/or your team have completed anywhere from a 2 to 4-day intensive session with Dale, you are left with a chart of specifically designed transformational strategies intended specifically for you and your organization. Your ability to continue moving forward toward success, fulfillment and self-actualization is heightened beyond measure, and you are able to move into the next level of your own evolution both personally and professionally.

“Our relationship is still working and moving forward in a healthy way because of Dale’s intensives.”

Ragan Thomson

“Many times in my life I’ve wished I could just hit “pause,” then have a chance to collect myself and actually figure out what in the world is going on. I think in life with responsibilities, work, kids, pressure, etc. it can start to feel like we’re spinning, and we don’t know how to slow it all down. An Intensive with Dale is like having your own personalized private seminar.

With every Intensive he’s done for us, it’s always been of immense value helping us to better navigate through whatever it was that was going on in our lives, personally and professionally. It’s like hitting the “reset” button. You get a few days of “pause” so that you can take a step back. And with the guidance of someone who really knows and understands how our issues and patterns play out in our lives, you get to look at where you are currently and the various reasons you got there. Then Dale helps you create real and lasting solutions and strategies that are designed just for you.”

                   ~ Janell Simonson, Co-founder, SimonWill Entertainment


Dale’s facilitation experience and teaching knowledge makes him highly effective in achieving visible results when spending one-on-one time with any individual or individuals. These services are specifically designed for celebrities, influential leaders and a select private clientele. Because the Intensives are so deep transformationally, they are not for everyone. If having a private customized intensive for you and/or your select group is resonating with you, and you would like to see if you qualify for an Intensive, we encourage you to submit the form below. You will then be emailed a pre-interview questionnaire requiring additional information.

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