Our mistakes can be our greatest teachers. But we must be willing to do the work to turn our mistakes into lessons. First, we must admit and acknowledge them. Many people live in denial of their own role in their mistakes. While this may keep them temporarily “safe” from having to confront themselves, it blocks them from learning the lesson encoded in their mistake. Therefore, it’s a matter of time before they repeat the same mistake until it gets loud enough to really get their attention.


Once we’re willing to admit our mistakes, we must then be able to review them without self-punishment or judgement. This frees us up to objectively uncover the truths that are up for us to discover. And once we do this, we can step into making the changes that are up for us to make in our lives. This is how we turn our mistakes into stepping stones, and ultimately become stronger and wiser.


In my book, “Being Called to Change,” I will guide you through letting go of what no longer serves you so that you can step into real and lasting change!


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