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It’s usually easy for us to recognize what we WANT to manifest in life. But that’s only the first step in manifestation.


It starts with your intentions, which are the things you want. But the key step in manifestation is to tap into your personal BELIEFS. Do you feel worthy of what you want? Do you have unconscious buried issues around those things? Are you carrying beliefs that may sabotage you from experiencing the things you want? If so, your outer world will always reflect it back to you. In order to truly manifest, you must become aware and heal those parts of you that are attracting the things you don’t want.


This is often the missing piece of the puzzle of manifestation. Not understanding this can cause people to feel frustrated and even confused when they can’t seem to produce results. But the good news is, this can be re-routed and healed. There is a way to decode the limiting beliefs within us so that we can transform them and manifest love, joy and abundance into our worlds!


A great place to start is my guided meditation, “Releasing Limiting Beliefs,” where I’ll take you through the process of uncovering and releasing your own limiting beliefs. Visit here to for more info:

DALE HALAWAY is a Master Transformational Teacher and Best-Selling Author. He has devoted his life’s work to serving other and to help them grow into their full potential.

In his early years, Dale was quite the entrepreneur, setting records in sales that are still unmatched to this day. He went on to specialize in business coaching and strategic planning for entrepreneurs, small businesses and large corporations such as FedEx and AT&T just to name a few. Dale then went into the private sector, conducting intensive private coaching sessions for individuals, influencers and high-profile clients. He brought his four decades of vast knowledge forward and has now opened his practice up to the public sector.

His expertise as a relationship expert, crisis counselor, and strategic advisor have made him on of the top advisors regarding what is playing out in the world’s stage at this time. Dale’s calm demeanor and expertise as a counselor and master life coach make him one of the emerging leaders in calming the fears that are mounting in the world right now.

Many are amazed by Dale’s ability to shift the energy of those in his field and to get them re-centered and re-aligned. He has mastered many techniques for this ability and has crafted them into a univesity of knowledge that is available to anyone and everyone.