SPECIAL EVENT: Living Authentically

…aligning your life with the 7 internal energy centers

“If your life feels like you are lost and you keep seeing the same signs and landmarks, attending a Dale Halaway seminar could change that for you.”

—Tina P.

A two-day seminar (attend via Live Stream or in person) with Best Selling Author and Master Teacher Dale Halaway

This class is about a new authenticity that’s available to us all in this time of great change. This is also the time in which we are learning how to live our life as a soul.

In this powerful class we’ll be focused on the seven “energy centers” which are crucial to understand for living our life with authenticity (personally and professionally).

Have you noticed how it feels when in the presence of someone who is simply being authentic? The way they are. The way they live. The way they speak. It moves us. Why? Because currently this living authentically isn’t normal and we haven’t experienced a lot of truly authentic people in our lives. We don’t have a lot of role models to follow at least just yet. You see, “we are truly on the frontier of a new stage in human evolution… it is the new authenticity.”

Saturday, October 6th — Sunday, October 7th 2018
9:15am — 6:00pm
Join us from your computer via our Live Stream
( or in person in Las Vegas, NV)

“If you value growth, this seminar is the place to be!” –Jeff W

Seating is limited (first come first served)

This class normally sells for $397.00.

Special Offer: We’re offering an introductory offer of only $97.00 for the entire 2-day seminar.

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Dale Halaway – Founder & CEO, Dale Halaway International

Dale Halaway is one of the world’s leading authorities on personal and business transformation, entrepreneurial success, strategic thinking, and soul-empowered leadership.

What If This Seminar Marked A Turning Point In Your Life?…

Attend this seminar and you’ll also discover…

  • What authenticity is, what it means, and more importantly how to experience it
  • The two most important days of your life
  • How choosing to live authentically heals you
  • 3 life-changing questions ((that will have you thinking for days))
  • The 7 energy centers and our relationship to them
  • How to draw into your life your soul family
  • The significance of living your life in alignment with your soul essence
  • How to enter into a conscious partnership with life
  • The one thing you must learn how to do for living authentically ((it’s so simple and yet, so challenging to do))

Wondering What The Living Authentically Seminar Could Do For You?






How Much Joy Are You Experiencing In Your Life?…

In this new world order, there is no map. There are few models to follow. We are truly on the frontier of a new stage in human evolution…”

If you are truly interested in changing any aspect of your life, business or career then this empowering seminar experience with transformational strategist Dale Halaway might just be for you…