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On a scale of 1 to 10, how comfortable are you with change?

Life is a series of constant, undeniable, and unavoidable changes.

The universal constant through the world is change. It’s the thing we all know for sure—one way or the other, everyone and everything will change.

In the distant past, most changes our ancestors faced happened gradually. Day became night, winter became spring, game migrated, people were born and died. We humans adapted to this gradual pattern of change. No doubt we resisted some changes, but it was manageable.

Today, some of life continues in this ancient pattern. But a large and growing number of changes happen much, much faster. In just the last 150 years, technology has accelerated our ways of working, living, communicating and socializing, completely transforming the landscape. The rate of change is accelerating.

But our ability to manage it isn’t.

In fact, most people’s ability to change has not progressed since the days of our ancient ancestors.

Today, you face this one immense problem: how can you get comfortable with this ever-accelerating pace of change?

Modern Day Mystic Dale Halaway has spent his life creating a solution to this problem. He has developed a unique process called The TransCovery Process that—once learned—allows his students to adapt to changes in just three minutes a day. His books, meditations, seminars, courses, coaching, speaking and events offer you an opportunity to solve the nearly impossible problem of our time of truly embracing change.

As extraordinary as this solution is, Dale’s teachings take you much farther than that.  They can help you become the person that you, as a unique soul in the universe, were always meant to be.

This testimonial collection highlights some of the profound real-life results people and businesses have experienced through the teachings of Dale Halaway.

Dale’s simple system can enhance your efforts toward personal development and spiritual growth and help you attain visible results that will change your life.

Dr. David Yoder, D.C.

“The teacher appears when the student is ready. If you are a student of the awakening the inner self/ soul, then this is the book to read! I have read many self help books in my lifetime. Most only have 1 gemstone of wisdom to share, Dale’s book is a goldmine of advice and tips to help anyone on the road to mastery. I look forward to sharing this book with my clients.”

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