Harmony Within Workshop Reveals Inner Peace

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Self Improvement, Transformation | 0 comments

“Harmony Within” was a profoundly enlightening weekend for all who attended this workshop in person and online via livestream!


One of the keys to inner harmony is to unify the heart with the mind. It’s important to make space in our lives for both, as they need to work together. We learned the difference between the real self and the false self. Inner Harmony is achieved as we become real with ourselves and dismantle false beliefs and unconscious patterns that we’ve been running in our lives.


In order to make personal connections with this, we did a “truth-telling” exercise, which illuminated the ways we’ve been showing up in our lives, what our core values are and where the healing needs to take place for us to reach our personal inner harmony.


And, of course, we practiced Dale’s signature TransCovery Process to help connect with and move the energy that was up for each of us to heal. So many people had incredibly powerful realizations about their inner journeys! It was a truly magnificent weekend!


“I was able to uncover the root of what was causing major upheaval in my life. Now I have a starting point, tools and the ability to work through this!” ~Eliza Z.

“I am taking home a deeper understanding and embodiment of harmony within myself and the way to return to it when I feel myself drifting away.” ~Jesse K.


DALE HALAWAY is a Master Transformational Teacher and Best-Selling Author. He has devoted his life’s work to serving other and to help them grow into their full potential.

In his early years, Dale was quite the entrepreneur, setting records in sales that are still unmatched to this day. He went on to specialize in business coaching and strategic planning for entrepreneurs, small businesses and large corporations such as FedEx and AT&T just to name a few. Dale then went into the private sector, conducting intensive private coaching sessions for individuals, influencers and high-profile clients. He brought his four decades of vast knowledge forward and has now opened his practice up to the public sector.

His expertise as a relationship expert, crisis counselor, and strategic advisor have made him on of the top advisors regarding what is playing out in the world’s stage at this time. Dale’s calm demeanor and expertise as a counselor and master life coach make him one of the emerging leaders in calming the fears that are mounting in the world right now.

Many are amazed by Dale’s ability to shift the energy of those in his field and to get them re-centered and re-aligned. He has mastered many techniques for this ability and has crafted them into a univesity of knowledge that is available to anyone and everyone.