WHEN: February 28th-March 1st, 2020
WHERE:  Las Vegas, NV
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Master Teacher and Best-Selling Author

Dale Halaway is a Master Teacher, best-selling author, and one of the world’s leading authorities on personal and business transformation, entrepreneurial success, strategic thinking and soul-empowered leadership.
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February 28th - March 1st, 2020
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The Game-Changer

...uncover the hidden power that drives your relationships

February 28th - March 1st, 2020 Las Vegas, NV & Streaming Live Online

Do you struggle with your relationships?

Does the same problem repeat itself in your partnerships?

Do you overreact or anger easily? Or, struggle to express yourself?

If yes, your Inner Child could be running your life!

During this life-enriching and transformational weekend experience, you'll learn how to uncover and heal the traps of your childhood. Healing these traps can dramatically expand and deepen your relationships, friendships, and partnerships in the best of ways!

"These seminars have done more for my own Mental, Emotional and Physical well-being and my healing than all the therapy I have invested in for the past 6 years."   

~ Charlyn F

Attend this 3-day seminar and you'll discover...

✅  The most important part of any new relationship or partnership

✅  How to awaken and empower your inner parent, and learn a process for consciously parenting your inner child so that it no longer sabotages any of your relationships

✅  The natural gifts that are yours when you're living your life in alignment with your most authentic-self

✅  A life-changing system that will quiet your mind and re-center you in your body within minutes

✅  The many problems the 3 R's... Running, Reacting and Resisting... have been causing in your relationships, and how to clear them (this section alone is worth the price of admission)

✅  How to release & discharge the negativity that's been running your life

✅  The pathways and the most important steps to take for RAISING up the Inner Child

✅  How to have a more genuine and loving relationship with yourself and others

✅  The 7 Shadow traps of the Inner Child (any one of these could be running your job and/or your life... discover which one it is)

"Wow-Wow-Wow-Wow... one of the most, if not The Most Profound experience spiritually of my life. A true game-changer!!! Thank you so much!

~ Robert H

"If you think your life is perfect, then you need this seminar!"

~ Emily O

(Reg. $497)  -  Limited Time Offer:
ONLY $397!

Enter code GCSAVE at checkout to receive $100 OFF!
For questions about The Game Changer, call (702) 983-3363

Many people who have first attended this seminar are often shocked that they even have a child residing within them.

You see, when your inner child goes unrecognized, this is where the problem really begins.

It's at this point that we subconsciously start avoiding the responsibility to raise our own inner child.

This is how our child gains more of our power, which in turn it will use to influence the choices we make in life.

And what do you suppose happens when our choices or decisions in life are being influenced by a 5 or 7 year old child that's been trapped within us?

The Inner Child in relationship to anyone or anything is a key component which is often misunderstood and even discarded.

If our internal relationship to our child is dysfunctional in any way, it then increases the potential to run our friendships, partnerships and relationships in the unhealthiest and sometimes most destructive of ways.

And if we don’t yet have a mature parent within, it will let it do so.

Most relationships have been driven by a dysfunctional, un-parented, often confused and even scared inner child.

This has caused a lot of stress, and sometimes trauma in our careers and partnerships with others.

This stress, or trauma if not corrected, can then go on to create a lot of additional problems: power struggles, verbal and even physical abuse, infidelity, or decreased self-esteem, just to name a few.

What if you could truly create more meaningful and fulfilling relationships with everyone and everything in your life... would you be interested? 

If yes, I invite you to join us in our upcoming class. I think you'll be glad you did...

~ Dale Halaway

Considering Attending? Listen To What Other Attendees Have To Say...

"I feel like you've given me access to this incredible energy equity, my potential...I've alway felt locked out in some way to this access, to this full potential, you can be anything mindset that I was raised in. And I feel like what you have here, Dale, it gives such succinct, specific structure to access that...I've been reaching and I've been trying to find what I feel like you offer here. That's why after I went through the first seminar, I said, he's the real deal."

--Anne R.

“This is like having a tool box with some nice stuff in it….and you’re apprentice…and you’re learning…then one day the Master comes in and helps you go through your toolbox…then when you think you’re there…that Master walks you to a set of double doors and opens up a warehouse of new tools…that you didn’t even know existed! It's like, WOW, what am I going to do with all this? I can't wait for the next 5, 10, 15, 20 years [of my life]!”

-- Robert H.

"This class put a huge spotlight on what was causing me to loop...The way that you teach is just a natural ability for somebody to absorb the knowledge and walk out, and it stays with you."

--Tina P.

"If  it wasn't for this, I don't know how much longer I'd be running in circles trying to figure this out on my own...I feel like I can actually do something about problems I didn't even know I had, on a practical level. For me this is immense. The value is just extremely amazing!"

--Kody S.

What You Will Get By Attending "Harmony Within"...
1. Each day, you will progress through an in-depth workbook that has been strategically designed to help you discover and embody more of the best version of you!
2. Dale will be guiding you through transformative, interactive exercises with Q&A sessions that will help you discover and clear the limiting, negative, subconscious dynamics that are blocking you from being your FULL POTENTIAL!
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(Reg. $497)  -  Limited Time Offer:
ONLY $397!

Enter code GCSAVE at checkout to receive $100 OFF!
For questions about The Game Changer, call (702) 983-3363