Transformation Happens Fastest Face-to-Face

The work of becoming your true self necessarily involves change in your mind and body—down to the cellular level. For some, that’s too much to ask—even in a whole lifetime of trying. Others may struggle through years of loneliness and suffering, trying to do it on their own.

The truth is, there’s are special conditions ideal to human transformation that allow it to flourish and do its work in just a few days.

There are three critical ingredients to make the recipe work:

1) You, with an open mind and heart

2) A Master Mentor at the top of his game

3) A group of like-minded and like-hearted peers who are willing to embrace you and give you support.

Each of Dale Halaway’s Events are designed to with the single goal in mind of helping you transform.


Do you let life, or your own limitations get in the way of creating a successful career or business? If so, what’s been the price of not having a successful career or business? We’ll dive into 3 powerful drivers for creating a successful and fulfilling career in this 2-day class.
​​​​​​​First, the significance of creating a vision for you, your career and/or your business. Without a clear vision there can be no forward movement.
Second, the entrepreneur and more specifically the preneur. Learning how to be preneurial is one of the master keys for advancing our career.
Third, aligning your business or career with the magnificence of your soul.


The big reveal in this seminar is that the Matrix isn’t something “out there” maintained by an evil force that wants to steal your life without you knowing it. The Matrix is something in here, inside you that you create and constantly give energy and attention to maintaining. Once you stop giving it energy and attention, by focusing instead on discovering your soul self, it will fall down. At that point, you can escape the illusion of the Matrix and step into the true you. 

The time is now, the teacher is Dale and the place is within your body, mind and soul. Everything else is a distraction from uncovering your true self. It’s the only way of breaking out of the sleepy matrix.
– Genevieve B