What do you do when feelings come up – especially the uncomfortable ones?


It’s common for people to try and suppress or stuff their feelings. Some of the ways people do this could be overeating, drinking, becoming a workaholic or any other method of distraction. The problem is, the feelings don’t actually go away. They get buried, fester within us, grow stronger and eventually come out in explosive ways or possibly manifest physically.


What if, every time we have a feeling come up, we choose to consciously deal with it instead of suppress it? This allows us to move the emotional energy and ultimately release it. Emotions are at the root of our core issues and the better we get at clearing them, the more empowered we become to deal with ourselves responsibly.


My “TransCovery meditation” is specifically designed to take you directly into your emotions, give them a voice and process them. You’ll be safely guided through the process of connecting with your feelings and responsibly healing them.


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