Day one of the “Power of Achievement” workshop with Dale Halaway has been profound! We are learning about the traps of the Ego, and how we can often unconsciously keep ourselves stuck from moving forward in our lives.

One of the common traps people can get caught in is disguising busyness for effectiveness. They buy into the idea that they have to deplete, drain and overwork themselves in order to achieve success. But they’re actually spinning in circles with little forward movement, and it never seems to stop for them. They can change this by recognizing and healing their own patterns and issues that are contributing to this trap.

We can fix and reroute the patterns of our Ego by first and foremost, being willing to see them, and having the courage to face what is up for us to heal and transform within ourselves. The results in our lives will show us exactly what is working, and what is not.

We’re looking forward to discovering more over the next two days as we dive deeper into discovering, healing and transforming our patterns!


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