It’s the Seminar You’ve Been Waiting for…

for Family & Friends


With Master Teacher and Best Selling Author
Dale Halaway
November 7th – 11th, 2018
November 12th: Bonus Day for Future Coaches
Las Vegas, NV

9:30am – 6:00pm
Registration on the 7th begins at 9:00am

If you’re ready to take your transformation to a new level and want to delve into the TransCovery Process® in a deeper and more powerful way…
This is your opportunity to do so. You’ll love this 5 day experience!

Coaching School (for family and friends) is an opportunity to take a much deeper dive into your own transformation and healing, by immersing yourself in the TransCovery Process®.

The focus of this class is on reclaiming our power to transform and heal ourselves. There will be personalized coaching in this five day experience, as there will only be seats for 28 people. The prerequisite for Coaching School (for family and friends) is that you will have attended at least one previous seminar with Dale Halaway, Sage Teachings That Inspire or Seminars That Inspire.

After the seminar, you’ll be ready to use the TransCovery Process® with your family and friends. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to truly help your loved ones and dearest friends become the better version of themselves by TransCovering them? Of course, by first helping yourself… it empowers you to help others.

What changes could you help others with? What kind of a difference might you make in the life of one of your family members or friends?

For those that are considering becoming a transformational life coach, this is the perfect opportunity, as this is the entry level into becoming certified as a transformational life coach.

“TransCovery is the most positive, loving, powerful, life-changing process and teaching I have discovered in my 67 years of seeking. It could well change the world.”
– Jann A.

If you want to experience the TransCovery Process® in a deeper and more powerful way and are ready to take your transformation to the next level, then this five day experience might just be for you.

What Would it Be Like

– To feel more secure and confident?

– To be more comfortable in your own skin?

– To be more responsive (rather than reactive)?

– To have more self-control?

– To deepen your connection with your Higher Self and the Universe?

OR What Would it Be Like

– To be able to TransCover yourself (more effectively)?

– To be able to help those that are dear to you?

– To become more intuitive?

– To experience more clarity?

“I use the TransCovery Process® every day. Sometimes just to check in with myself to see where I’m at or what I’m feeling. When I do get activated I have the process to work through whatever it is that has come up. It’s great to be able to go through a couple of simple yet powerfully intuitive questions and be able to discover what is going on…. with yourself.

The process is simple and efficient. As I use it more and more it is now an automatic procedure for me. Something inside of you, the glorious and pure, might be vibrating in resonance for an experience such as the Coaching School for family and friends (also known as the TransCovery Experience Seminar). An experience, I promise you, you will receive.”
– Chris C.


“Trans” referring to Transformation and “Covery” referring to Discovery. This self-actualization process provides the structure in which we can access, correctly identify and release the energy of negative thoughts, feelings, limiting beliefs, patterns and attachments that have been running our lives. It’s the life-changing process of purging and releasing this negative and limiting energy that creates real transformation on a cellular level and deepens our journey of self-discovery. Real transformation is usually achieved incrementally for the greater purpose of True Self-Actualization. The TransCovery Process® shows us how to use everything in our life as a way to empower our transformation and to bring our lives into alignment with our True “Soul” Self.

You have 2 exciting options for registering for Coaching School For Friends and Family!

OPTION #1 – You can save $500 by paying in full now

OPTION #2 – You can save $400 by placing a non-refundable $250 deposit to reserve your seat and pay the balance prior to the seminar