Get Comfortable with the Rapid Pace of Change Today, and Step Into Your True Destiny

Being Called to Change is the first book in The Transformation Trilogy. The second two volumes, tentatively titled Transform Your Destiny and Manifest Like a Master, will be available soon.

Unlike most self-help books that talk to you, then leave you to do the actual transforming, Dale’s book outlines a practical step-by-step approach to mastering the material. Every chapter is followed by four to five questions which the reader is to contemplate, then answer, actually writing the answers down.

The prose is clear and upbeat and you can’t help feeling inspired being in the hands of a master teacher.

Ken Courtright

“Dale takes the complex concept of ‘Change’ and shares with us why we avoid it, how it is inevitable and the power that comes from embracing it. Dale proves his statement, ‘change is inevitable, resistance is optional’. An entrepreneur’s must read.”

– Ken Courtright, Founder, CEO of TODAY’S GROWTH CONSULTANT, AN INC. 500 COMPANY

Get A Free Sample of Dale’s #1 Best Selling Book + Special Audio Bonuses!

Because of Dale’s step-by-step method of teaching, the free sample chapters will give you a very clear idea whether or not you want the book. The sample chapters are two of the most powerful in the book and contain what he calls “Seven Universal Laws.” Get the free sample to check out what these laws are. The free samples are in both PDF and audio formats (from the audio book version, now available).

He also asks four questions. As you ponder the answers, and then write them down, you will see how the material begins to work on you as you work on it. You can begin to feel transformation happening.

Spectacular Smith

“This is a transformational book. When we understand what change really is and how to actually embrace change. It truly empowers us. What Dale Halaway has to say in his book, Being Called to Change really works. It’s definitely a must-read.”
– Spectacular Smith, Founder & CEO of ADWIZAR