Dale Halaway Affiliate Training Part 3

Step 7: Your Unique Affiliate Tier Link (optional)

Besides your primary direct sales link and custom tracking links for promoting products, you MAY wish to invite your friends and customers to participate in the affiliate program and earn a smaller percentage of THEIR sales.

Under the far left General Statistics menu is an option shown as “Tier Statistics”. Click there and click on the button that says Grab Your Tier Linking Code

Then you will see on the screen that follows your unique linking code that looks like this:

The number at the end is YOUR affiliate ID in our system so be sure to use YOURS

If you wish to convert this into a custom bit.ly link such as bit.ly/joinwaynesprogram or whatever YOU choose, you are free to do so. (remember those bit.ly links need to be unique and you cannot use one already in use)

I recommend that when you share this special link that you walk your friend through the sign up process to make is super easy for them, and help them to understand how to use their own links.

Next steps

Share your program links far and wide and remember to include whenever possible your personal story of transformation. Your friends and contacts will be inspired by the difference Dale Halaway has made in YOUR life. Your testimonial can be just the thing to inspire others to take action. We will soon provide in this area some simple instructions for recording your own video testimonial to use in your marketing.

(Like all testimonials we WILL need to approve before general use and must adhere to the guideline regarding claims as outlined in the Affiliate Terms document)

Visit also the section in your back office called Training Materials. There are excellent video tutorials there covering all the basics and some advanced instruction on affiliate marketing.

Good luck and we look forward to a long and successful association as our Affiliate Partner. If you hit any snags at all, just reach out to me directly at [email protected]

I can’t wait to pay your first affiliate commission check because that means a WIN-WIN-WIN has happened and we ALL benefit, especially the person who gets the deep and lasting benefits of Dales powerful transformational work!

All the best!

Wayne Marshall
Affiliate Manager for Dale Halaway