Dale Halaway Affiliate Training Part 2

Step 4: Sharing Your Link

Paste your customized link into your emails, or social media shares, like below. Remember, a personal testimonial is always best. Spend time to tell your own story and tell it from your heart. That will be more compelling than any “swipe file” we might provide you.

Step 5: Support Materials

Look under Marketing Materials to find support materials such as banners if you have your own website and ideas for email copy under email templates. Just be sure to include your own bit.ly link in your emails messages.

Step 6: Custom Tracking Links (optional)

You MAY wish to send your traffic to a specific page, such as the main landing page for the Free Book sample and audios, or to a specific program or seminar Dale is promoting. Here’s how:

  1. Open Custom Tracking Links and select Alternate Incoming Page Links.
  2. Find the URL for the course you might wish to promote, such as: dalehalaway.com/course
  3. Copy it from your browser window so you have it exact and paste into the area shown below and hit the button, Create My Link. Then your custom link just for that course will show up below. Copy that and use as is or go to your bit.ly account and make your own link for it (bit.lty/waynesfreebook or whatever you want)
  4. Promote via email and social media as you would the basic link. Remember to tell your personal story and focus on benefits to the reader.

Here’s a short video I made for an affiliate you can watch to see this in action, along with a bit.ly link creation and test.

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Note: This next Step is so important, I am giving it an entire page of its own. Be sure to check this out so you learn how to share not just the products, but the opportunity for someone else to share the products and join your team.