Welcome to the new Dale Halaway affiliate partner program!

 As affiliate manager for the Dale Halaway TEAM, I’m here to  help you all succeed!

We are building something unprecedented and amazing that has our affiliates VERY excited and for good reason!

While many programs pay commissions for a finite period from a single day (like Amazon does) to 90 days as many other do, our unique program will keep paying you for the LIFETIME of that customer, as long as they remains a customer and at a generous 20% commission AND, also allows you to add new affiliates UNDER you and earn smaller commissions on their sales, again for the lifetime of those customers! 

NOTE: All affiliates will need to complete and return a W-9 form for tax purposes. Enter your information, sign, print and return to our office at [email protected]. You can download that form here >

First, review the Affiliate Terms linked below. It is critical to your success and ours that you understand and adhere to the guidelines and tips for affiliate activities. See the Affiliate Terms >

Next, dive into the training materials below and log in to your back office to follow along. While a few of the steps below are optional, is is important that you understand each step in the process and follow our recommendations.

I want this program to work for you, which will be a WIN-WIN-WIN – for you, for Dale, and for your friends and contacts who get the benefits of Dales deep transformational work.

Wayne Marshall (Affiliate Manager for the Dale Halaway TEAM)

This is the beginning of something big for all the people we touch and the lives that will be transformed by this work!

Step 1

Review this basic instructional video below to get started NOW! And refer to the steps below as well. It is absolutely critical to your success that you learn and understand the basic operations of this system, as shown in the videos and Steps Below. There are 3 pages in this tutorial series. Just click the advance link at the bottom of this page to go to the next page.

Then, log in and explore your own back office where your stats, sales and commissions will be tracked and recorded.

Login at the site linked below using  your userID and password as selected when you signed up.

NOTE: save your userid and password where you will have it handy to return here regularly. If you ever forget your password, you can select “Forgot Password” and an email will be sent to reset it.


Step 2: Your Unique Affiliate Link

Your MOST important link is your CUSTOMER Link shown here on your top level General Stats page and will look like: https://dalehalaway.idevaffiliate.com/idevaffiliate.php?id=YOURID

This customer link will redirect to the main Transformational Courses page. When your contact buys either now or later, you get the credit. It’s that simple. Try now to copy and paste YOUR link into your browser and you’ll see how it redirects to the Dale Halaway site page.

NOTE: While our system uses state of the art “cookie” tracking technology, it CAN happen that cookies get removed or that your customer would order from a DIFFERENT computer down the road. So, for the tracking to be 100% reliable, we recommend you continue to give out this link in order to reset YOUR tracking at the time your customers order. So, keep this link handy to resend to your customers whenever you are promoting  one of Dales programs. 

Step 3: Customize Your Link (optional)

Use a URL shortener such as BIT.LY to shorten and customize your Affiliate Link.

Here’s the link to BIT.LY >

You can use the service FREE without an account and get a link that looks like  bit.ly/2wWg4t7

Even better, sign up for a free bit.ly account and you’ll be able to customize that link further such as waynesfreebook as shown below: