Sometimes endings can be painful, even when they’re the right thing to do. Whether it’s the loss of a relationship, friendship, business endeavor or something important to us, it can still hurt. But as Lao Tzu eloquently reminds us here, we must let go of the old in order to make room for the new.


Change can be scary. Letting go can be frightening. But, once we uncover what we’re being called to change, whether it’s our career or our love life or any number of things, we find the courage to let go of the old unproductive things and celebrate potential for something that can bring us joy. In other words, to make space for that new, beautiful thing, we must get comfortable with leaning into the winds of change and letting go.


Should you resist the winds of change, and cling instead to the painful shreds of familiar routines because you’re scared of the unknown, you will find facing the prospect of change more painful. The more you resist, the more painful and prolonged the process of change will be. If you can surrender to change, it will happen with more ease and grace, and you will make room to step into the new, wonderful things that are waiting for you.


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