We had an extremely powerful weekend with the “Reinventing Relationships” workshop with Dale Halaway! Imagine how the planet would be impacted if we all received a real education on how to consciously step into relationships of all types. This understanding would be a priceless tool in raising the awareness and consciousness of humanity.

We started the weekend by going through an exercise asking us direct questions to illuminate what we personally want in our relationships, what’s most important to us and what our boundaries or deal-breakers are. It’s important to know and understand these parameters within ourselves in order to better discern the right kinds of situations for us. 

Dale really focused on the importance of our relationship with ourselves, and how that directly impacts and drives our relationships with others. We went through powerful exercises to illuminate where we’re at in relation to ourselves, what is up for us to heal and what we are to be aligning within to attract healthy and empowering relationships. 

We also learned about the different types of relationships and how to recognize whether certain relationships are being created from our Soul or Ego. This is a game-changer in understanding why we get hooked into certain situations that may not be right for us.

And finally, we received a clear structure on how to enter new relationships, how to set ourselves up for success in these relationships and how to recognize the ones that may not be in our best interest. 

So many people were greatly impacted by this information. We were all provided with a safe space to make real and lasting discoveries!

“I now have a blueprint for building healthy relationships. The value of this lesson will save me massive amounts of time, money and heartache. I see value in my day-to-day interactions with others becoming more authentic.” ~Donna Marie S.

For more information, visit DaleHalaway.com.